Hi dear friends,

I wanted to say SORRY is I’m not commenting, liking and replying as fast and as often this next week but I am drowning in ARCs that all landed at the same time on my Kindle!

Three were due in May and have been delayed another one is right on time!

Four books to read for June 25th!!!!!

So I’ll be mostly reading and following when I have a day off!

Thank you for your understanding and patience!!!

“I’ll make up for this I swear” (verse from 3 Doors Down from “Landing in London”)

Happy Monday.


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  1. I can so relate! I got approved for virtually everything I requested a while back… and it seemed that they were all releasing within the same week. Gah! I’ve been reading nothing but arc’s for ages. Good luck getting through them!

  2. Good luck finishing your ARCs! Anything good?

    I have one that I have to read by the 31st but have been putting off haha. I need to get on it!

    1. Hahaha Joe but for me it’s a first really! I prided myself on my restraint. Only two authors postponed their publishing dates and now it’s all havoc!