I know that today is Black Friday and Thanksgiving was yesterday but I still want to express my thanks today!

It’s been nearly two years now that I began that blog.

It began on a dare. Some friends challenged me into creating my blog. A place to express my opinion and love for books.

What began as a challenge morphed into one of the best adventures of my life.

I knew blogging would take time but I never imagined how many hours nor how I would gladly spend all these hours creating content to be read by others, graphics to make my posts pretty.

I never imagined blogging about books was so much more than simply reviewing books and promoting them.

You made me discover and fall in love with memes, with discussion posts.

You made me reveal myself, pushed me to make my blog something more personal, to let you feel the person behind the pen.

You made me love sitting behind my computer at the end of the day just to chat with you.

You made me fall in love with your blogs and your creativity.

You gave me support. Incredible support. Every day.

When I have a bad day and rant about my kids you give me advice and make me laugh.

When I rant about PR agencies or authors doing “Invite Only” you are outraged with me.

When I rave and rave about the same books you still read me and comment even if maybe I bore you out a little.

When I try to write something a little bit funny you have the grace to laugh and comment.

When I was stranded with my blog in the beginning and wanted to try some coding you gave me the answer and shared your wisdom.


That’s why I wanted to thank you today, from the bottom of my heart.

Never cease to be you.

Never cease to be amazing!


My apologies come with my lack of replying to your comments these last days. I promise to catch up this weekend but I am back to work and I’ve been exhausted and plagued with a migraine yesterday. It was back home, bath and sleep for me! Don’t worry I will be all right soon it’s just my body adjusting to the stress and winter.


Thanks for reading!



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  1. Awwn yay this is wonderful! I am totally with you on how blogging became so much more than what it was supposed to be! I’m just glad there are actual people who are curious/interested enough to even hear what I got to say about anything outside of my friends/family! Thank YOU for being part of them, Sophie, and stay awesome! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Don’t worry! Get back to us whenever you have the time. I’m glad you were given that dare because I love reading your blog and I love that it has helped you enjoy your passion for books so much x

    1. Thank you Olivia!!! I feel better already! I will just have to balance work, blog and sleep this winter. It’s harder to feel great in winter as we don’t have much light.

  3. And thank you for your comments and support, as well, Sophie. You are an amazing person and I love my visits to your blog to read your posts. You have such a wonderful, contagious passion, and it’s a joy to be a part of your circle!