Hi dear friends,

It’s Sunday again! The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted here @ Caffeinated Reviewer.

Time to look back on my week and talk about life events and blog related news.

Today I’m somewhat late to post and very late to like and comment as I’m buddy reading Ash Princess with Angelica from Collector of Book Boyfriends and I just did not want to stop reading!!!!

But I love these weekly recaps so here I am to share som slice of my life with you 😉


Private life first

This week has been undoubtedly the worst in my working life so far. I can’t share details but it really was difficult emotionally.

Don’t worry I still have my job and I’m still loving it.

In this time of dread (wait isn’t it the latest John Gwynne’s book???) I had a good news related to my son’s future. I told you last Sunday that he was “unfit” to enter the army in a fighting position right? It was due to his allergies and asthma. Well his pneumologist offered some hope. Allergies are not the problem what is important is just being able to have a normal lung capacity when running. If he trains really hard he could reach this goal. meaning: next year he could be admitted! So yay! We were relieved really.

On another positive note I find the blogging community so supportive every day. It really helps going through hard times in our private lives!


On the blog

Let’s not pretend it otherwise I’m behind my planned schedule!

I wanted to post my second part of “Bookstagram 101” about the props but no I had no time to write it so far.

The main reason is that we had our first take over on the Facebook Group “Beware , Book Boyfriends Alert!”.

I was so stressed becaus I hadn’t ever organized a take over in my life and I wanted to do MH Soars good! I follow Michelle Hercules Soars (MH Soars) for four years now, since her first book really and I love that woman! So I wanted it to be a success for her.

And it’s been a success! Michelle did it like the pro she is with great graphics, games and giveaways.

By the way the giveaways are still open for 24 hours and you can enter if you join the group….


The second reason I am so late is because I finally began the buddy read of Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian and I had to physically remove my behind (and back and head as I was lying flat) of the couch to go write this post. I really love it so far and the cover is absolutely stunning!


What I’ve read and reviewed this week

I have read and reviewed three books this week! All really great. One YA and two NA/Adult.

Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas was a 4 stars (click on the picture to read the review)

All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire: it was really, really brilliant and stunning! Not at all what it seems. Click on the picture.

A Shot in the Dark by LJ Stock has been recommended by a friend and she was so right! 5 emotional stars!


I’m also taking part in several weekly meme from fellow book bloggers that I love!

Aside the WWW Wednesday I did the ….

Top  5 Tuesday hosted by Shanah at @bionicbookworm. Topic of the week: books I predict will be 5 stars. Meet me at the end of the year 😀 

On Thursday I did my first “I Heart Characters” imagined by Dany @Perspectiveofawriter with as first topic Female Warrior. YAY! They are some of my favorite kind of characters.

On Friday it’s been the second week that I’m doing the First Impression by Joe @Storeyofstories


That was all for my blogging week but next week I will be on a mad daily publishing schedule again as I will enter the daily challenge imagined by my friends Angelica (Collector of Book Boyfriends) and Bex (TotallyBex) about favorite authors. Join us if you’d like!


Time to share the love now! There are many interesting posts but this week I chose two posts (one is rather a recurring topic of the mont)

First post is from my friend Danielle @prettymessreading. Danielle says it like it is and is sometimes blunt (she warns you it gets messy) and this week she posted about “Are Romance Novels Setting Unrealistic Expectations?”. It was snarky and fun bbut so true too!

Are Romance Novels Setting Unrealistic Expectations?

The second post is from Ari @readingunderstreetlamp

For several weeks now she had fabulous authors writing poems in a challenge. In her own words:

“Pick-pocketing Poems!

What is it and what’s up you ask?

Well well well ladies, you see, home girl here is a HUGE lover of poetry. And when I say huge, I mean
H-U-G-E lover. And if many of you are aware of not, I don’t know, but April is the month of Poetry. We here in the poetry community take this shit very seriously.

So I thought, why just poets? Let me rope in some of my favorite writers and have them join me for a month long fest. And that is exactly what I have. 15 authors are here to bring you a poem every alternate day of the month.

But! But! But! Hold on! Here’s the surprise! There are a couple of rules babes!

The author that writes the first day, gives a quote to the author after her, and she has to write a poem inspired from the quote given to her, and the book from which the quote was given is gifted as a GIVEAWAY! Which means 15 new books for ya’ll!!

Hands in the air if you’re excited!

I think she had a brilliant idea!!! Here is one of her latest posts with LH Cosway’s poetry.


Now do tell me all about your week while I’m going to schedule posts and comment/like blog hopping like a mad woman!

Happy Sunday






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  1. Sorry to hear about your work troubles but if you still have a job and are loving it then surely it will pass, eventually. ❤️ Also so happy to hear your son has hope of fulfilling his dream still! YAY! I so appreciate you doing my meme this week too Sophie! And loved your character! Love your book banners too, totally makes me want to click into each one.

  2. Oh no.. sorry you had a bad week at work, hopefully it resume itself for the next one ! and omg yay !! that’s a good news, I bet your son is so happy !! Indeed, I love our loving community, it makes everything so worth it, doesn’t it ? <3

    Ahh pick pocket poetry is such a good idea ! I like the inspired of what the one before gave you bit , heheh However poems in english is so much harder for me than doing them in french..

    1. Haha Kristina if I had to write a poem it would be in French too 😉 I can read and like them in English but I feel that I probably miss some nuances.

  3. I’m sorry you had a tough time at your work but I’m glad to hear the good news about your son. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

  4. That’s great news about your son! Glad to hear that. 🙂

    Love the cover of All The Little Lights.

    And thanks for sharing the lnks!

  5. Glad to hear about your son, my little busy bee!! I’m not much of a poem reader but I definitely loved Ari’s posts…really cool! And I’ll definitely check out Danielle’s post…thanks!

  6. Such wonderful news about your son! I bet he gets up each day raring to get into training. Sorry about your work woes but sure glad to hear you still have your job and still enjoying it. I hope you have a lovely new week.

    My Sunday Post

  7. I’m so happy to hear about your son’s good news! Wishing him the best of luck as he trains and works towards his goals 🙂 And I’m also sorry to hear about the difficult work week. I’m glad that you’re still in a job you love and I hope this was just a small blip of negativity 🙂 Have a great week!