Hi dear friends!

Time for a little weekly chit chat about how my week went and what happened on the blog. As usual I will link it up with @CaffeinatedReviewer.

Time to look back on my week and talk about life events and blog related news.

Personal life

I have been lazy this week, enjoying my first week of holiday. I focused on my reading but was a very bad blogger as I should have read many books written by YALC authors but I was not in the mood for them. Shame I know! But as I am on holiday I decided for once to just read “moody” reads and it’s been so great!

The kids are on holiday too and as my daughter has a student job as a waitress it’s really quiet at home. No fights between her and her borther! A respite! I am so happy!

Aside this nothing memorable, just chilling in my garden as we have a real heatwave here. Something unheard for decades. We even have drought while my country is usually as green as Ireland!


On the blog this week

First I did some database cleaning. I wanted to reduce the size of my database as we all know that space on a server costs money. Plus the bigger the DB usually the slower the blog will load.

I recruited my hubs as he is a techie and works in IT.

Should I go into my host DB and start some SQL magic to clean it up (and risk losing many things as I don’t really have a clue) or install a plugin?

We opted for the plugin and decided to install WP Optimize. It ‘s even optimized for Updraft Plus, the plugin I use for my daily backups.

When we installed and cleaned I began to sweat.

Each time I do something like that to optimize my site I cross my fingers, light some candles and pray to all Gods that everything will go as planned.

So far it’s been a success *still lightning candles* and I reduced my DB Size.


Books I’ve read and those I reviewed (click on the graphic to read the review)

This week, today morning included, I have read 5 books. Yes 5 books! That’s why I say I’ve been so lazy with commenting etc as I’ve been engrossed in my reads. I recalled why I began blogging about books: because I am passionate about books!

I’ve read: A Girl Like Lilac by Victoria L James (4,5 stars!); When Autumn Ends by Beth Rinyu (4,5 stars); The Accidentals by Sarina Bowen (4 stars); I’ll Meet you There by Heather Demetrios (no review yet but incoming with a 6 stars!) and this morning I finished The Mortician Daughter by CC Hunter (5 stars but CC is EVIL for letting it end on such cliffhanger! Review to come).


I was lucky to have Jane Harvey-Berrick and Stuart Reardon answer my sometimes crazy questions in what’s been my second interview of this fantastic writer’s duet!

As I had more time than usual on my hands I did a “spurt of the moment” post about one of my favorite topics: Book Covers! Have you noticed they differ from land to land?

I also participated in my usual favorite memes but I have been a good girl for once (no bare chested men or naughtiness at all!)

In “I Heart Characters” this week’s topic was “hot and cold”.

And First Impression Friday was about “I’ll Meet you There” by Heather Demetrios

Time to share some blog love here! This week on the blogosphere:

Marie talks about series she still needs to finish and why she just not keep up (me neither sometimes!)

I'm the worst at keeping up with series ft. 10 series I want/need to continue


Evelina asks if reading ARCs is like reading books for school

[Discussion] Is ARC Reading Kind Of Like School Reading?

That’s it for this week! Next Sunday will be Sunday Post-less as I will still be in London with my daughter attending YALC London!

How was your week? Just leave a comment please πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading, always!


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  1. That! Totally That. I love the UK covers for the Throne of Glass series. I think – even though they’re incredibly similar – that the UK ones ‘pop’ more with the white backgrounds. So excited for Kingdom of Ash!

    I’m currently dying of the heat. I swear I’m PRAYING for rain, something I never thought I’d do as the UK is rarely short of rain. πŸ™

  2. Doing anything major to my blog fills me with such anxiety! Thanks for the heads up on WP Optimize and Updraft plus. β™₯️ Lazy weeks are for you to recharge!

  3. Sometimes lazy weeks are good! And I hope you get a break from the heatwave soon. that’s no fun. It’s been hot here too although the last couple of days have been a little better…

    5 books! Wow that’s a nice reading week. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Anne! You too. By today I see you enjoyed Rebecca Zanetti and Lisa Keyplas so great week πŸ˜‰

  4. When you’re able to just read with your moods, that’s the best! Glad you had a relaxing week πŸ™‚

    Oh gosh, I get so nervous to do anything to my blog too. Before I switched hosts a few months ago, I decided to reduce size by deleting all the unnecessary photos. But to do that, I had to do some coding and get some plugins to basically delete all the resized images WP automatically created and then recreate them with only the sizes I needed, and I was so worried I’d end up with no images or having to reselect the featured images for all my posts or something! But it worked just fine. Glad your stuff worked too πŸ™‚

  5. It’s just so nice to be lazy sometimes, eh? A break always sounds like a good idea! Plus it seemed like it did good with that many books read! Xx bonus you had no fight ahaha

    Hopefully the clean will keep going well and nothing backfire, have a good week!

  6. Yay for holidays and being lazy, we all deserve to relax every now and then and that’s what holidays are made for πŸ˜‰
    I am SO happy you read and loved I’ll Meet You There, I LOVE this book sooooooooooo very much! <3 <3
    Happy reading and have a fantastic week! xx

    1. Oh you too Marie??? I am so happy it was one of your favorites! Thank you and have a great week too πŸ˜‰

  7. I have been wanting to read I’ll Meet You There for ages. It is so hyped on the blogosphere, and I recently picked up the ebook on sale. I am eager for the ebb of my review books to arrive, so I can experience its greatness first hand.

  8. You have every right to be “lazy” on your holiday! Relax and read! That’s what you should be doing. Glad it’s a quieter holiday as your daughter is working. I have heard that there is a heatwave there. I hope it begins to cool down soon. Busy two weeks coming for me as it is “crunch” time at school with finals for my first semester. I have all A’s and well want to maintain them and have been studying like mad. Have a great week and happy holiday! Here is to 5 more books this week for you. =)


    1. Well Mary you are right about the heat wave! We are melting on the spot. And good luck with your finals!