Hi dear friends!

Final post for Jay’s interview today….

After having been grilled for a whole week Jay can finally have some fun!


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Some fun questions now.

Favorite place to write? To read?
Write: Dining room table. No distractions.
Read: In bed.

Favorite dish? Drink?
Sushi. Champagne. Chocolate. Cheese. Bread. All the healthy things!

Are you rather a citytrip lover or a beach boy?
I hate the beach! I can do it 1 or 2 days a year, but the sun and I have struck a deal. I promise never to take it away from others, and the sun has agreed never to give me a sunburn again. Ain’t compromise grand?

Worst prank you played or greatest fear you caused your parents?
I was a good boy. I never did anything wrong.

Favorite actors/ actresses. Fav movie? Fav books?
Major crush on Nick Jonas. I’m not at liberty to discuss what I’d do to ensnare him as I’d end up in prison.
I don’t often have favorites, but 50 First Dates and Defending Your Life are two movies I have watched at least ten times. Love Drew Barrymore and Meryl Streep. Will watch anything they are in.

Your greatest fear? You can answer spider or mouse there is no shame as my mum had to kill them my dad was afraid.

Getting sick from a disease and having to rely on someone else to take care of me. I also hate spiders and bees.


If you could spend one day in someone else’s skin who would it be and why?

No one. I like me because I know all the things that need to be repaired or could be wrong. You never really know what lurks underneath someone else’s façade. And I’m not just saying that to be funny.


If you could go meet someone from your past because you would either like to do them proud or shove your accomplishment in their face who would it be?

I don’t think there is anyone I need to do that for. There have been a few people who rejected or hurt me, but it was temporary or short-term. I’ve been lucky enough to not have been in a place where I was told no – mostly because I didn’t always put myself out there, so the risks weren’t very high. If a potential suitor or employer rejected me, oh well, it happens. But I’m big on moving forward when those things happen. I’m not perfect, but I’ve achieved a lot in my life so far. I may not be super famous, rich, or adored by the masses, but if I were, I’d probably hide most of the time… so things have worked out pretty well for me. And for the couple of potential love interests who said ‘no,’ eh… you’re probably haggard now, so I’d rather not see you anyway. HA! I hope you know I’m joking 51% and serious 49% there…


At the wizzard’s school(yes you too) what kind of potion would you learn first? And spell?
Invisibility. Imagine the secrets you can learn if someone didn’t know you were there? Now imagine the books I could write with those secrets? I wonder what Sophie’s hiding…

A HUGE thank you and round of applauses for you Jay as you bared with me for this looooooong interview! You deserve a medal.


Now dear friends this is the end ….

Thanks for reading!




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    1. Yes, slightly obsessed with NJ.

      I will not be supervising the bees. I know how hard she’s worked, so they won’t accidentally escape, but there will be no TLC either.