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Warning: this review will contain some spoilers from the previous books!


4 very satisfying conclusion stars

What a ride this trilogy has been!

I loved following Riley through these three books, witnessing how she adjusted to her new town, new school, new friends and …. seeing ghosts!

This trilogy is more than paranormal as CC Hunter focuses on the struggle of being a teen, having a dysfunctional family and realizing your parents are not these perfect creatures you thought they’d be when you were a little kid.

Of course you have boys problems too, mysteries to solve, murderers to send to jail or sick kids to save.

As you can guess this is all but boring!


In this last instalment we begin right where we left: Hayden waking up from his coma and … not recognizing Riley! And he had a girlfriend!

I confess that this plot twist had me raging at the end of the second book!


What will happen of their relationship now?

Will Hayden fall in love with Riley again?

Of course he was confused! He did not know if what he seemed to know about Riley made sense because she had maybe talked to him or his mom while he was in coma or if it’s something else!

He is lost and as many teenage boys really clumsy with relationships. I can confess that he put his foot in his mouth more than once and I just wanted to roll my eyes and shake some sense in him!


If that was not enough, an important topic of the story is Riley’s father being an alcoholic.

That’s when I bow low to CC Hunter. I don’t know if she’s experienced something similar with a loved one or just did her research but I know intimately what it does mean to have a dad who’s drinking too much. And a dad who’s a good person, someone who loves you and cares for you not some abuser drunk!

Everything was spot on! All the details about hiding the bottles, falling asleep in your underwear in the living room, the denial, etc. All was exact!


As if Riley’s plate was not full enough she has to solve the mystery of a murdered bride and find her killer before he makes another victim. Oh and she has to unearth all the secrets surrounding her mom!


All these plot lines interlock smoothly, flawlessly and I was embarked on Riley’s journey for two days full of intrigue, heartache, frustration and friendship.


Should you read it?


Of course! Only after the first two books as it’s been an excellent PNR series.


Have you read CC Hunter’s books? Are you a fan?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I have not read this series and I think our covers are different. I do want to read this series tho and I have heard great things about it. I am really glad you liked it!