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Let’s get to the heart of the matter!

What have I read?

Review to come but it’s been between a 3,5 and 4 stars. I’m still suffering from a hangover from The Silver Cage and all my reads suffer from this!


What am I reading?

The editor granted my wish on Netgalley but honestly the formatting (PDF) needs improving and it feels kind of flat to me so far. I can’t really connect with the characters as the MC is quite condescending and unkind to the others. I’m heading towards a 3 stars max so far.

What will I read next

This is one of my RARE haul. Totally unplanned. I was chatting in the queue with Jennifer my blogger friend from Collector of Book Boyfriends and she told me that I just had to read it! I’ve never read anything by Kate Sterrit but I went to her table telling her “Here is the deal: I’ve never read anything that you wrote but a friend of mine convinced me to try Love my Way. Can I buy it and you’ll sign the book please?”. She was really charming (yes I know you don’t want to scare the customer but there is commerically charming and genuinely charming) and Kate is genuinely charming.

So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this gets me out of my book hangover!


Happy Wednesday!

What are you reading? Have you read any of these books?


Thanks for reading.




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  1. I have been really curious about Hostage and glad you liked it. But yes if I am suffering a book hangover than books I read after tend to suffer so sometimes I will do a bit of re reading before reading new to me books. Thankfully hangovers don’t happen all the time. 🙂

    1. I’ve seen this book everywhere and it’s got great reviews! That’s so terrible when the hangover does not leave for days 😉