“…you can’t control how people look at you, but you can control how far back you pull your shoulders and how high you lift your chin”⁠ ― Elizabeth Acevedo, With the Fire on High⁠ ⁠

Hi guys,⁠ ⁠ Today in our #BestReadsOf2020 we celebrate POC !⁠ ⁠

Honestly I didn’t look at the color of the author before this year because I don’t care what color someone is.⁠

I care about what kind of person he or she is and his or her actions.⁠ ⁠ But with all the events that happened in the US this year, I wanted to support POC authors and draw attention to them as well as be more conscious about my reads.⁠

 That’s why I thought what @readingincolorcrate means to do was incredible. If you are curious about that box, go to Instagram and  pay Autumn a visit or watch my IGTV for our Q@A.⁠


 Back to my question, here are some of my favorite POC authors:⁠ ⁠

⭐ Brittainy C Cherry;⁠


⭐Kennedy Ryan;⁠


⭐RF  Kuang;

⁠ ⭐ Angie Thomas;⁠

⭐ Elizabeth Lim;⁠


And my three winners this year:


 Talia Hibbert with Take a Hint Dani Brown

The plot is quite simple and the trope really used and abused: fake dating that will turn into ….true feelings.

But Talia Hibbert executed that trope with maestria, adding what I suppose is her own signature: humor and insight!

Now the Talia Hibbert’s special was a role reversal!

Usually, the man is afraid of commitment and the woman is the romantic one.

In this story, Zafir reads romances and dreams of a relationship based on love! He can’t imagine having sex without feelings!

While Dani is allergic to relationships and is just looking for a fuck buddy. She has no time for feelings and getting attached as a bad string of past relationships is proof enough.


⭐ Alexis Daria with You Had Me at Hola

It’s romantic, light, not overtly angsty and with both MC being what I’d call cinnamon characters. It’s filled with quick remarks and a side of hotness too! Added bonus: the narrator was excellent and I learned some fun facts about “telenovelas” and “soaps”.

I just had a good time listening to that audiobook as Jasmine is really trying to change, to become stronger on her own and that was admirable. She is fiery, straightforward, sensual and also a sweet person, down to earth and no diva at all!

Her big family had me laughing, especially her cousins. I love stories with big families, even if Jasmine’s parents were less than impressed with her wish to make career and would rather have preferred her being married and having babies.


⭐ Elizabeth Acevedo⁠ With the Fire on High

The writing of Elizabeth Acevedo is a mix between to the point, wistfulness and poesy.

I loved the sisterhood between these women: Angelica, Emoni’s bets friend, ‘Buela Emoni’s grandma who has raised her and helped her raise Babygirl.

 I also wanted to eat nearly all the time as this book is about Emoni’s magic in the kitchen. You will read about spices and recipes. How food can make you feel and remember some moments of your life.


All these ladies are incredibly talented and I recommend their books very warmly!


Who is your favorite POC read thsi year?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. I have fallen in love with Brittany Cherry and Talia Hibbert. I too care more about the content of one’s character over the color of their skin and when it comes to authors I care more about the quality of content. I have never really focused on their skin color as long as they deliver a great book. BUT I also love supporting these authors. Great post

  2. When I pick up a book featuring a character of color or part of any marginalized group, I prefer to read an OwnVoices book. So, I do check out the author. I am happy I started reading Hibberts’ books. They have all been fantastic! Same for Acevedo, and I loved Ryan’s Hoops books.

  3. Often times I have no idea what an author looks like, what their race is, or anything. To me, it’s rather immaterial to the actual story. But when it comes to recognizing authors of color, Kennedy Ryan is one that continues to impress me. She is amazing… as an author and a person.