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Sorry for this but it seems that my grand opening of Best Reads of  2020 did not happen as my scheduling didn’t work! As I love that book too much, I decided to post it …today. Sorry!


Today is our very first day of our #bestreadsof2020 challenge and the theme is Ugly Read!

I love a good cry in a story as I feel it very cathartic but strangely, if books had me shed tears in 2020, I didn’t read many “ugly cry” stories.

Maybe COVID is to blame for and had me avoiding sad books but when I looked back at my year, I didn’t find many books that I usually call “soul destroyers”.

I have three books so far with one “winner” among them.

Honorable mentions to:

When You Come Back to Me by Emma Scott

I cried, smiled, swooned, cried, raged, hoped, cried, swooned, raged …and bit all my nails;


If I was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

Amanda, like so many trans people, is a beautiful person, a beautiful soul. Someone deserving all our respect and love. Living your life in truth is an act of courage for some and it should not be so.

We all should be accepting and understanding. Not place a burden on someone’s shoulder who already struggles with her or his otherness but rather accompany him or her on her journey.


And my winner is…

The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

I was angry at Solène!

Even if Solène had good reasons after what she went through, after what her daughter went through. She still was taking his choice away. And that I could not forgive her, even if I understand to some extent.

“I know what you are doing, and I’m just going to stand here and let you push me away. You are trying to push me away.”



“You’re a rock star –“

“I’m a person. First and foremost. And I have feelings. And I know this carreer comes with a lot of baggage, but don’t write me off just because I’m in a fucking band. It’s what I do, it’s not who I am.”

I just wanted to shout: “Yes Hayes! That’s the way to go! Show her! Explain to her that you are more than a young singer in a boy band!”

This love story is intense, it’s conflicting, it’s beautiful, it’s angsty and it’s extremely well written. I can’t believe that this is Robinne Lee’s first book. She has an incredible talent to bring characters to life and give so many nuances to their feelings. She built that story like a seasoned writer and played my feelings like a maestro. It was never unbelievable, never grotesque in the exaggeration, never cliché. I am in awe.


Now what are your ugly cry read in 2020?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. I didnt read any of those “soul destroyers” I dont think either. Its actually been a while since I have had one and this year I tended to lean towards re reads or books I knew I would enjoy but I find those type of books to be the most cleansing at times.