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This is already day 13th in our #BestBooksof2018 daily challenge!

Today’s topic is one of my favorites: Fantasy/PNR!

I have read nearly 20% of fantasy PNR this year so choosing one winner was not really easy! I loved series like Throne of Glass, The Cruel Prince etc BUT there was really one book that was totally unexpected yet that worked extremely well.

My winner of the day is








Pestilence by Laura Thalassa

First sign this book would be exceptional: my friend Raven from @eradingaddiction gave it a very good review. So far I’ve noticed that I loved all the books she has recommended.

Second sign: I was unable to put it down. Even when unexpected ARCs landed on my Kindle and I had a total of 7 days to read 4 ARCs did I not stop reading before reaching the end.

Third sign: it surprised me! I did not expect this happening in our modern world! I thought it would happen in Antiquity ( mind you the Four Horsemen are a belief from the Bible!).

Then I had no idea Laura Thalassa would make me like Pestilence and see all his character’s development whereas he still killed innocent people and kids. I should have hated him yet I didn’t!

This story is the perfect blend of action and character driven story!

I think the biggest asset of this book is how Laura gave life to Pestilence. She stayed true to his nature and purpose and yet made him grow and see past his preconceived notions about hateful humans.

The banter was also epic! Sara had sass and spunk. Together they created fireworks.

“Human, you’ve piqued my interest—a rare accomplishment. Don’t squander it.” “Squander it?” This guy. “You mean by refusing to talk to you?” That’s real cute. “I’ll tell you a rare accomplishment—pissing me off.” He guffaws. “You mean this hellcat nature of yours is atypical?” Bringing out all my stabby tendencies.”
No wonder this one is my favorite fantasy read of the year! I was so enamored with it that I bought another one of her books Rhapsodic (The Bargainer series).

And now I wonder what your choice will be!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This is a new title to me, and I love Fantasy. I am reading the Throne of Glass series. I admittedly just started it. I will also be reading the Dark Artifices trilogy (behemoth books!), in January and February. I was reading Wheel of Time until I realized after the first book that it is very cliche.

    If you want some adult suggestions, I recommend Matthew Swift starting with Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin, The Darwath series by Barbara Hambley, and The Silicon Mage series by Barbara Hambley. These women are AMAZING writers. The stories will consume you,

  2. Someone wrote a love story about a guy named pestilence? Sophie, you never cease to surprise me with the books you read and review, I learn something new every day I come here. 😀 I’m almost tempted by this one just to find out ore.

    1. Bwahahaha yes someone wrote a book about a guy named Pestilence Alexandra 😉 And he is the “real” Pestilence I assure you! You could give it a try as I think maybe you’ll end up loving it!

  3. Laura is a fantastic author. I have to read this one still, but I finished her Bargainer series last month, and it was absolutely delicious. Fantastoc choice Soph❤️