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Today is the second day of my #Bestbooksof2018 and if you want to play with me, even posting some days and not every day here again is the schedule with prompts 😀 

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Now where were we?

Ah! Yes, the prompt of the day!

I don’t read many erotic books as you may know but I have one author in mind who writes “classy” yet fun erotic! to me the Queen of Erotic is ….







Tiffany Reisz! That’s my friend Angy who will be overjoyed that I chose her books.

And this year I’ve read something really good from her in that field: The Chateau.

The best way to sum it up is by using this quote from Tiffany’s interview:

“This book was much easier to write than The Lucky Ones. With Kingsley, all you have to do is conjure him up and drop him into a weird situation and you’ll have fun as a reader and a writer. The pitch was, “Kingsley goes on an erotic adventure inside a femme-domme cult.” The story pretty much wrote itself. It’s James Bond with blow jobs, BDSM, and an angst-ridden bisexual hero still in love with his ex-boyfriend.”


Tiffany has an effortless writing. All is easy, flows at the right pace and use sophisticated terms like exquisite without being pompous. That’s really her writing that makes me like her erotic novels!

She has also a knack in this story to add dry humor and sarcasm. I loved the banter between Kingsley and Bernie. Bernie seemed so innocent and naïve it made me laugh and wonder how he coul have been enrolled in a secret organization. Until I reached the end that is because Bernie is not who you think he is.

Kingsley in this novel is boyish, rakish, exquisitely handsome, playful yet deadly. He should come with a warning as no hot-blooded woman will be able to resist him!

To conclude I’d like to say that The Chateau opened my eyes on Sadists world or rather the twisted way they have to show their affection.
Madame says it all:

“He tied you up to tell you he never wanted you to leave him. He bit you because you were the food to his soul. He struck you to mark you as his possession, as a valuable he would want returned to him if lost or stolen. That’s why you miss it, Kingsley. That’s why you miss the pain. Because every time he hurt you, he was trying to tell you in the only way he could how much he loved you.”

It was highly enlightening about BDSM practices.

Hence this is why The Chateau is my winner of the year!

If you read erotic, can you give me your winner in the comments?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I ALMOST picked this one too but I haven’t written the review yet. If you can believe it, this was my first book from Tiffany Reisz! Now I HAVE TO go back and read this series!

  2. I have hard that Tiffany Reisz does the best in erotic romance and I really need to read her soon. Just trying to deliberate where to start with her first. Will grab this one up since its your favorite.

  3. you described Tiffany Reisz’s style perfectly! awesome writing that flows so well and what I call “dark humor” she is one of my all-time fav writers. I haven’t gotten to this one yet!

  4. I never used to read this genre. Then an author I enjoy wrote one and asked me to try it. It was a shorter story and the whole thing was one long sexual encounter. What fascinated me was how she revealed what the character’s were thinking and it was anything but sex. They were in a mental war. Fantastic stuff!