What book did you fell into right from the first lines this year?
Happy Christmas Eve!
I hope that you’ll still get to enjoy Christmas somehow later today.
I will be celebrating with my close family (people under my roof) and I’ll be scarce here today.
Today’s topic in our #BestReadOf2020 is best first lines.
And I have two winners for you today!

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare
“Lucie Herondale was ten years old when she first met the boy in the forest.
Growing up in London, Lucie had never imagined a place Like Brocelind. The forest surrounded Herondale Manor on all sides, its trees bent together at the top like cautious whisperers: dark green in the summer, burnished gold in the fall. The carpeting of moss underfoot was so green and soft that her father told her it was a pillow for faeries at night, and gthat the white stars of the flowers that grew only in the hidden country of Idris made bracelets and rings for their delicate hands.”
 A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik
“I decided that Orion needed to die aftre the second time he saved my life.
I hadn’t really cared much about him before then one way or another, but I had limits.”
I just LOVE these two openings and they sucked right in into the story!
Thanks for reading!


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