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Today’s topic in our book author challenge with Collector of Book Boyfriends is about famous authors!

Of course there are lots and lots of famous authors! I could have an endless list. But my choice of the day is about indie authors who are famous nonetheless!

I have two contenders and one winner. Funny enough they all were attending RARE London.


First contender: Tillie Cole

Confession I loved her first books until the third Hades Hangmen series . Souls Unfractured left me bawling like a baby. But her books became darker and darker …perfect for fans of the genre but I was not in the mood anymore. Tille can write gripping stories that’s for sure!

I loved Sweet Rome and Eternally North (the humor in that book! Perfection). A Thousand Boy Kisses made me cry and cry and cry… It’s my daughter’s favorite too as it’s been translated in French. We wanted to have it signed at RARE but did not get the opportunity.


Second contender: Colleen Hoover

Colleen is super famous. She is a “hit or miss” with me. I adored her Slammed series (they were my first ebooks!) and Hopeless! It ends with Us was phenomenal!

Here is an excerpt of my review:

This book made me cry, made me smile with the naked truths, made me swoon and made me angry, very, very angry on Lily’s behalf. I’ve also been knocked off of my socks as I was forced to reconsider some preconceived views I had on women experiencing what Lily did. Like Lily I could not understand what they chose to do. It was incomprehensible. CoHo took me on Lily’s journey and I discovered the complexity of the topic. Everyone has its own story, its own good or not so good reasons to behave a certain way. This humbled me and for that I’m grateful to Colleen Hoover as I love books that make me think and challenge my beliefs.

My only regret: I would have loved a second epilogue, some years later. But that’s just me being greedy.

Some of her books I did not like so much and it was just my personal taste.


My winner today is an incredibly gifted author and a very sweet person. She respects her fans and take the time to speak with them, to engage even if her books are huge success. My winner is Aleatha Romig!

I fell in love with her Consequences series and I think it was one of my first twisted stories with an anti hero that I got to love (Tony!!!!).

She has written many books since her debut some twisted some sweet and light.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to interview Aleatha and of course her husband Mr Jeff! You can find their interview on the blog.

Here is an excerpt of my review for Betrayal her first book in the Infidelity series:

I just love Aleatha Romig’s writing. She has a distinctive signature to her books. Her stories have poise, presence, the right balance between class and spice. They compel the reader. (…) Aleatha’s writing is flowing effortlessly, the tension and attraction between Alexia and Knox is sizzling. I also loved reading about that stuffed up upper class, where the darkest deeds can happen as far as they stay hidden behind closed doors and appearances are kept up. It’s sickening and fascinating to read about the power play, witness how money can corrupt people and ensure they look the other way and shut their mouth.


Now it’s your turn: who are your favorite famous authors.?

Thanks for reading, always! Happy Saturday!


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  1. I agree with Colleen. She’s definitely been a miss for me the last couple of years tho. I definitely love Tillie. But you already know that. And who else is famous..? I’m kind of bad with that. Nashoda? And Mia? I love Mia. God she’s fantastic

    1. Well Raven Tillie’s most recent are perfect if you love really dark and I think… you don’t. But I would recommend Sweet Rome and Eternally North or A Thousand Boy Kisses to you 😉