Today is day 8 of our March Book Author Challenge and the topic is one of my favorite genres: dystopian!

So I’ll have threen contenders but one winner.

First contender: Suzanne Collins

I’ve loved The Hunger Games trilogy! It was my firts dystopian before Goodreads and I loved it! With Twilight it’s been one of my firsts YA reads and I’ve discovered a genre I’ve been a huge fan for years now.

I am among the ones who loved the movies. I think they did a great job featuring the topics and struggles in the books.

Granted Peeta could have been more… beautiful? Don’t shoot me please!

The trilogy has been a 5 strars all along for me.


Second contender: Veronica Roth with the Divergent trilogy

I adored the first two books but I HATED the ending of the third. How could she do this to us readers???

I’m still raging mad years after.

My review was short and to the point: Brilliant, stunning, diabolical but, oh god, SO HARD FOR THE FANS! Why when we came to love the characters so much?!

Nonetheless it’s a very good dystopian series that should be read just to know what all the fuss is about.


My winner is Tahere Mafi!

With the next book in the series coming out this month I had to feature the Shatter Me series!

Here is what I wrote about the second book:

So heart wrenching! You literally live in Juliette’s head, feel her emotions, her feelings. She is such a beautiful girl, inside and out, refusing to hate the world, the same world who’s been rejecting her, treating her like a monster. She’s lived isolated, alone, without speaking to anyone for months, without any touch, tenderness. She sees herself as a monster and so weak but she is so strong.
I was reading on the train and could not stop crying. How embarrassing!

As life is not easy on Juliet, her newfound hope is now crushed. Her touch is weakening Adam and could kill him too. So she’s bluntly refusing to put him at risk and to touch him anymore but at what cost!

You also discover a more human Warner and I could not stay indifferent to him. Even feeling compassion for him and at the same time being torn, like Juliette, knowing it’s the same guy who’s been torturing Adam. What a knot of conflicting emotions! Poor me, it was like a roller coaster.

This is a new love triangle and you just don’t know at the end if some of the bad guys are still so bad. Is redemption possible for everyone? Does everyone deserve a second chance? Can all the people change given the opportunity and the right incentive, as to say love?

I know the next installment will not come out soon enough!

Congratulations Miss Mafi!“


Do you get why I chose her as my winner?

Now who is your favorite dystopian author? And have you read the books above?

Thanks for reading and happy Thursday!


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  1. Great picks! I loved Hunger Games and Divergent series too. And just like you and most of the people who read Divergent series, I hated the ending of Allegiant. As for Tahere Mafi’s Shatter Me series, it has been on my TBR forever and I never get the chance. May be I should start the series soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ahhhhh YAY Iโ€˜m so happy to see Tahereh Mafi won this round she is my favourite author of all time and I love the Shatter Me series more than life haha. I canโ€˜t wait for you to read Restore Me omg I read it the day it came out and shortly after finishing it, I decided to read it again XD it was honestly so good and you will not be ready!!!! Fantastic post <3

  3. I really loved The Hunger Games. I don’t think she has written anything else though, has she? I really enjoyed the Divergent series, but tbh. I haven’t read Alleigiant (maybe that is why?). I have the first three books in the Shatter Me series by Tahere Mafi, but I haven’t read them. I guess I better get to it. Thanks for the rec. I am bumping them up on my list!

    1. Hi Karen! I know Susan wrote books before The Hunger Games but since I haven’t seen anything!!!

  4. I never read Hunger Games but I loved the movies! Veronica Roth, Veronica Rossi, and Tahereh Mafi are my favorite dystopian authors!