OK today I’m at loss! Why? Because a geek is someone who is a computer genius or at least loves playing games, hacking, etc.

So NOT a brainiac or a nerd! If it would have been a nerd I had tons of books with this type of characters (beginning with #Nerd by Cambria Herbert). No it had to be real geeks and so far I’ve read only one book with a geek 😥 


So without further ado let me introduce you to Payton and Max in Play by Piper Lawson.


I love her books as she has a fantastic humor and sweet romances.


Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about the book, their relationship and some quote depicting Max’s character:


“By now I also recognize her “signature”: writing about strong heroine with sassy BFF loving to play pranks or queen of the sarcastic remarks. In every one of her books the humor is present and I loved the banter between Payton and Max but also the pranks played at the office by her BFF Charlie. That girl relished in torturing some associates, especially Avery always with an innocent look on her face. How the girl never got caught and fired is beyond understanding but it was really funny reading about all this.

The plot is about Payton, young and recent associate at Alliance, a financing firm and concluding a deal with Titan, Max’s firm. Max is a genius and launched a successful game recently and is now looking for funds to sustain the development and launch of his new game and platform.
Their first encounter is quite… unconventional and they did not begin on the right foot. Soon enough Payton is convincing Max to use Alliance’s loan. There will only be a slight “glitch” but I don’t want to give any spoiler away.

Just know that Payton will soon be very invested in Max’s work and world. She tries to “manage” the brilliant but very closed-off man with many difficulties.


Piper always writes great heroine, relatable, strong, driven but also caring. They’re never perfect but that’s what makes them relatable. I loved how Payton “matured” with her mom’s sickness as she seemed a real firecracker when young but…she became a little too “rigid”. She should relax some more and just enjoy life. That’s what Max helped her to do introducing her to the gaming world and the sleepless nights playing to reach the next level.


Max. He is sexy, a genius and I liked him by the end but he was very difficult to read and connect with for a very long time. He is distant, aloof, closed off. I understand all this comes from his youth, from his bad experience with someone. He also is brilliant and is totally focused on creating games. He is in his own head, in his own reality that is a fantasy to others.


” I spend every day building fantasy. This is how I like my reality. At a distance.” “Not all reality’s bad.” “No,” he conceded. “It’s just…impermanent. Fantasy never disappoints. Sometimes I wonder if the only thing you can count on are the good moments in life being too short.”


Goodreads -> https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1779955704


Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2yY5BBg


Now could you help me please and recommend me some good books with geeks?


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hmmm…. have you tried the “Hacker” series by Meredith Wild? It’s a new adult series about a recent college grad starting her own online company (I think it may have been a Pinterest knock-off). Definitely a romance (she falls for one of the company’s investors), but also a little bit of “who done it” type intrigue. A Decent set of books if you’re looking for a “geek” theme!

    1. Thank you Mallory! I haven’t read it yet but I’ve seen many friends enjoying this one 😉 Adding to my TBR LOL

  2. I have two suggestions for this category… Exploited by A. M. Walters (The female character is a hacker) and Warcross (surprise, surprise) The main guy is a computer genius and game developer…