I’ve already posted about forbidden relationships as in incest, priest or student/teacher (and this last one will be tomorrow’s topic).

So what other taboos remain? It could be BDSM as in before FSOG this was pretty much taboo (thank you Mrs James you liberated many people and spiced up social conversations) or swingers before Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre (thank you Alessandra it’s now a “not so much shameful” conversation topic).

It could also be homosexual relationships as they were taboo some decades ago in my country and are still taboo if not forbidden in some countries today. But we already had a post about LGBTQ.

Stockholm syndrome? Well the same “been there done that”.

So what?


Well I have good news. Falling for the help! And I have just the perfect book for you! One I gave brilliant 5 stars and that should be read by pretty anyone loving romance, intrigue and very good penmanship.

Today Ladies and Gents let’s speak about:


Tamara and Levi in The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz

This story is filled with taboo and forbidden. I think my review about the book said it all and you can read it all HERE -> https://bewareofthereader.com/the-bourbon-thief-by-tiffany-reisz-terribly-beautiful/


Just some excerpt of my review intertwined with quotes:


“Let me tell you reading about slavery and about entitled rich men was no picnic. Why do people think they are worthier than others just because their skin is a paler shade? Why do these old fashioned powerful men think they can use women for their pleasure and just discard them once the toy is not shiny anymore? And if you think it only happened in the past you’ll be so far from the truth you’ll never find your way back. Seriously I was appalled by what women had to endure in this story.

Slowly I unfold the threads of this family curse.

“We tell ourselves lies to survive when we know the truth will kill us.”

The Arctic ice was long forgotten once the stable boy lost his shirt it’s a miracle my tongue is not still glued to my Kindle. Soon after I was left once more mouth agape as I could not believe what I’d just read! What nearly happened to Tamara was just…horrifying. And when you think you finally know the whole truth the story just takes a 180° turn. I felt like an MMA fighter once he got his first beating.

Hell bent on revenge the girl will be clever, patient and cunning. She may seem like a sweet red haired little thing but she’s a core of steel. That’s a girl following my heart! Go girl! Make them regret what they did a thousand times! I was out for blood…

“Love what they destroyed. Destroy what they loved.”


Goodreads -> https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27277165-the-bourbon-thief


Amazon-> http://amzn.to/2hsBUxf


 And you have you read this book? Other ideas about taboo? Hit me with your recommendations 😉


Thanks for reading.

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