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Today in Romance and Love Celebration I am overjoyed to host Emma Scott!

You all know she is one of my unicorn authors and I still have to read one of her books that did not touch me deeply. That woman has a bright soul and is a modern warrior. She has an enormous strength and an even more enormous love.

I have met Emma and I can tell you that she cares deeply for others. She loves meeting her readers and will always give and give and give.

Today she chose to share a beautiful and tender poem with us.


There is a light on in the next room

The fire, and you beside it


Blowing the steam from the teacup

Before a sip.

The soft page turning

Of the book

that you are living in

For a little while, anyway

I want step inside,

Break the spell

watch your eyes lift to me

As you fall out of the book’s world

Back into mine,

Your smile sweet

and tasting of mint

when I kiss you…

But I don’t move.

I watch instead the

Porcelain perfection

Of your hand as it reaches

For the cup

With the painted pink flowers


Like the fingers 

That turn the page,

A soft susurration,

a gasp of breath

In that moment when the author

Surprises you and holds

You more tightly

I let the book keep you

 a little longer

and go to bed to wait

for you

to emerge from that cocoon

to another: my arms

that will hold you

until the dawn is

the light in the next room.

I wait

for those fingers that turned the page

to turn down the sheets,

your minty lips

to kiss my skin,

until the world you are now lost in

is that of




Emma’s bio

Emma Scott is a bestselling author of emotional, character-driven romances in which art and love intertwine to heal, and in which love always wins. If you enjoy thoughtful, realistic stories with diverse characters and kind-hearted heroes, you will enjoy her novels.

I write romances with flawed characters, characters with artistic hearts: builders, poets, and writers of various makes and models. I love to write book lovers; those who have found refuge, companionship, and escape in books, much as we do in real life. I like realism, honesty, authenticity in storytelling. I love to write about enduring love, soul-deep love, in as real a setting as I can make, but with big smooshy HEAs. I believe in diversity, open-mindedness, and inclusion. I like sweetness mixed with steam, love conquering all, and above all, hope. Love always wins.

You can find her

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Amazon: http://amzn.to/2fqUULx

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Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more to come tomorrow!


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  1. I’m sitting here flailing and speechless because it’s Emma Scott! Gah! Oh how I love her writing. And that poem… oh my goodness, I want to frame it and hang it in my home library. It’s just breathtaking – but everything Emma writes is breathtaking.

    1. When you want Jay! It would be my pleasure! If you want to buddy read the next Emma or the next Suanne, I am your girl!