Since five years, I’ve published my own “awards” every day of December.

As posting every day is hard, especially when I am long hours on the computer, I didn’t plan on doing it this year but :

  1. When I saw the contenders in the Goodreads Award, I was frustrated not seeing some favorite books
  2. Em @thegeekijock told me she waited for my Blogmas!

So, I decided to still have a Blogmas2021 but a lighter one! I won’t post every day of December but 16 times. That makes for four times a week and is more manageable for me!

Starting on December 1st to December 30th you’ll get to see my “awards”. 16 topics.

Here is the schedule and topics (NB December 6 means that you are posting on the 6th of December etc.)

December Topic
1 Best Romance
2 Best LGBTQ;
3 Favorite New to me author;
6 Favorite fantasy
8 Best plot twist
9 Funny yet thoughtful
10 Best series
13 Best book with diverse cast
15 Best historical
16 Best/most original trope
17 Best Debut novel
20 Best character development
22 Best humor
23 Best Woman’s Fiction
29 Best Epic fantasy
30 Best Read of 2021

If you want to join the fun, here are the different daily topics. You can of course post only once or twice or as many time as you’d like! Use the hashtag #Blogmas2021 AND comment/leave your url on my daily post that you have posted tooif you want me to give your posts some love. That way I shouldn’t miss them!

Anyway I hope you’ll have fun even if it’s just reading my choices!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I was really hoping that I would see Blogmas from you this year! And yes I feel you on being disappointed with the Goodreads awards. Many of the genres just don’t get represented the way that they should. Some fun topics there. Hope you have fun with it.