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As usual  I haven’t planned ahead today’s Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Shanah @bionicbookworm. I am always running late to write these posts that’s why Shanah nearly fell from her chair two weeks ago when I posted ahead!

I think Alice’s rabbit must be one of my ancestors!

Usually it works quite well but today we were asked our top 5 book spines!

Some side comment here as in French the spine is called a “tranche” as in a “slice”. Like a slice of bread. And that’s where I think my mother language really missed the point because the spine does not look like bread!

Whereas a spine is the backbone. So fitting when you think the spine holds all the pages together as they are glued to it! This is really the backbone of the book while our “tranche” is just plain idiotic!


Back to today’s topic speaking about the spines you find the most attractive usually involves some pictures to show you these spines. You don’t find them on Amazon or Goodreads and have to take your own picture.

You can find all the covers on these sites but no spines!!!

I guess that’s why Shanah says they deserve more love..



By the time I came home it was dark oustide. Meaning: I had to take my picture in artificial light! GASP! As any good photographer knows this is the worst!

So I apologize really for the first picture here below as it’s not my usual “standard” but that’s me being punished for not planning!


The good news is that I had other pictures of spines taken weeks or months ago. And as Shanah thinks these spines are overlooked and neglected I have decided to make it a “spine fest” today! Shanah you wanted spines now you’ll get them!



Today’s “artificial light”‘s pic like a rainbow of colors

Some of Cassandra Clare’s Spines


If you like them light blue and navy blue

Now some fall vibes here

And lastly I see life in blue green

Let me know your favorite because I love them all!

PS See the difference between artificial and natural light now?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. These are definitely some lovely spines! I especially love my shiny spines, so King of Scars, Clean by Juno Dawson and also Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard all have some lovely shiny spines! And I love the Cassie Clare ones you showed ^.^

  2. Haha I take more than half of my Instagram pictures in artificial light but I tend to have so many lights on that it ends up working decently well and Instagram filters take care of the rest! Tho, now looking at the difference in your pictures it has be wondering how much better my pictures would be if I used natural light I might have to test it out! Great pictures and those are some really beautiful spines! I didn’t know the thing about spines in French being “slice” maybe its like a slice of the cover? like if you lay the book out so both covers are flat then the spine seems like a slice being taken out? Haha its a stretch

  3. I love spine art (or tranche art haha) and you did great with these, artificial light or no! I love the blue green ones- that color scheme is a favorite of mine for book art. Also Clare has nice spines (that sounds wrong somehow lol).

    1. Me too Tanya! And I can’t wait for her next one “If there Is No tomorrow” as it seems from the same cover designer!

  4. Love the pictures! And the spines as well! I don’t know why, but for some reason I thought Lif3like’s cover would have been something dark

  5. As always, your pictures are GORGEOUS! The fall vibes and the blues are my favourites! Cassandra Clare books are also a great choices. They always have a smokey and silvery look to them and I love it!

  6. Oh, those are great photos, Sophie! Trust you to give these books all the glory they deserves with the candles and blankets, bobble heads and turn them into lovely works of art – you’re gifted!