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As I told you last Sunday I want to make my own bookish candles (just for my own pleasure … for now!).

This means not only making the candle (wax, color, scent), choosing the jar but also making the sticker (designing it is tricky!)

Here below you’ll find four possible layout for candle stickers. All about the same book character Javier from A Charm of Finches by  Suanne Bierman Laqueur.
I will make my own candle (first time ever) for my personal use and I am in the process of choosing the sticker (home made so please don’t steal. It took me hours to make them!).

Depending on the chosen sticker the color of the candle will be either white (black sticker) either black (grey sticker).

I am curious to know what’s your favorite: A B C or D?

You can also say if you think I am lame and suck at this! 😀

Thank you!


PS as it takes hours to make these (newbie here) that’s the reason why I have been less active.


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  1. Personally, I like the lighter colour and layout of A! It’s eye-catching compared to the darker labels. And also, put as many fonts on it as you want! 😉

  2. Nice! A is my favorite because of the coloring and the way the birds are arranged, but I prefer the non-cursive font on D for the line of test that runs along the bottom of the oval. That one was a lot easier for me to read.

    1. Well Suzanne you are not the first one to say this! Yet a graphic designer “scolded” me for using a third font along the bottom of the oval. He told me max two fonts (but maybe I should be daring as I am known for my love of bold colors and passionate words LOL).

  3. This is so exciting! I’ve always wanted to make my own candles too – I hope yours go well and can’t wait to see how you get on. I’m torn between A and B, they’re both beautiful designs!