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Today in our Best Reads of  2020 it’s time to talk about our best fictional worlds!

⁠ I am always in awe of authors able to create whome fantasy worlds.⁠

I recall when I read Harry Potter so many years ago that I was impressed with the creativity.⁠ .⁠Some even create a language!⁠ I mean, how do they do that???⁠

They have to see landscapes in their minds, maybe draw a map. They have to invent names for lands and cities.

Some decide about new animals and a lore of deities.

Also what creature will roam their realm? Classic fantasy ones like vampires, werewolves, angels or some completely new one, coming from their vivid imagination?

Then each of these creatures must have characteristics…

The possibilities are endless!


 This year, many authors impressed me with their fictional world nas some contenders are;




But my favorite was….

From Blood and Ash sereis by Jennifer L Armentrout⁠ .

Reading that story, with that imaginative universe, the secrets, the deities, the vampires, the blood trees, the wolven , the maiden, the …. was a pure delight and I can’t wait for book three!


Now you tell me: what book had your favorite fantasy universe that you read this year?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. My favorite this year is the From Blood and Ash series by Jennifer L Armentrout too! *Happy sequels*! I can’t wait for April 2021 and to see what happens next!

  2. The world building of these worlds is so impressive right? I have no idea how these authors do it and the whole create a whole language (Feehan does that ) and man thats just crazy sauce LOL Armentrout is always fabulous.

      1. I don’t support Amazon for a bunch of different reasons … though, after all the good things I’ve heard about this book, it’s very tempting. I have some friends in the States who might be able to accept a parcel if I have it shipped to their address … then it’s just the matter of moving the books north.