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Today’s topic is : Mentor Me! (A mentor character that you wish would mentor you too!)


Following Merriam Webster, a mentor is:

1 capitalized : a friend of Odysseus entrusted with the education of Odysseus’ son Telemachus

2 a : a trusted counselor or guide

  • a mentor who, because he is detached and disinterested, can hold up a mirror to us
In French there is a saying “Un corps sain dans un esprit sain”, in Latin “Mens sana in corpore sano” and in English I would guess we would say “ahealthy mind in a healthy body”.
In order to achieve this goal I would choose one coach for my body to make it strong, a war machine and one coach to keep me sane allowing to let lose and laugh.
Mentor to have a strong body (think Kill Bill, Sucker Punch ….)
I would trust my body to HOT badass, demanding, reknowned, legendary, courageous, ….you can go on and on Dimitri from Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.
He is a dhampire sworn to protect vampires against Strigoïs.
Focused, disciplined, controlled and dedicated he makes a perfect mentor.
He is also easy on the eyes (6’7″, handsome, dark brown eyes, dark hair, muscled… what’s not to love really?).


He will bring Rose Hattaway back into shape as she had lost so much training when estranged from the academy. He will train her relentlessly without mercy but for her own good!
I think I would become KICKASS with such mentor!

Do have a look at Dimitri tutoring Rose how to kill a Strigoi from the Vampire Academy Graphic Novel. Isn’t it all sexy and hot?


Now that my body is in capable hands let’s care about my mind.

After all the stress of training and killing to protect the weaks, being all serious and focused I think I would have to be reminded that life is about well …living!

Enjoying the small joys, playing pranks. Stopping to worry ahead and plan all the time. Just live in the moment. Enjoy the simple joys. Cuddle with someone you love.

What best teacher than … an animal?

Animals don’t worry about what is to come tomorrow. They soak the sun. They play in the snow. They love walking in puddles and …

My favorite mentor would be a crazy, naughty but sweet dog named Atticus!

You’ve met him some weeks ago when I interviewed him with his mom Sawyer Bennett.

His shennanigans include a “pre wash cycling” for dishes already in the dishwasher (when you forget to close it immediately), running after very big snakes (shouting from mom); stealing the meat you’ve pulled out of the fridge (if you don’t want it you don’t leave it sitting duck on the table), eating chocolate cookies (and causing a big fright)…

Here is a quote to illustrate his dedication to create mayhem and increase the odds to get food:

“My dog friends…if you lay in the middle of the floor while your human is cooking, you run a 57.3% statistical probability they will trip over you with food in their hands. The trick is in moving fast to get the food off the floor before they do.”

My favorite picture perfect illustration of Atticus’s life philosophy

Do you get now why I chose these two mentors?

I would first strain my body (and enjoy the eye candy) then let all stress lose!

Now do tell me who would you choose as a mentor?

Happy Thursday and thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh yes, Dmitri would be a fabulous mentor. He was really tough and demanding. Exactly the perfect kind of mentor to build a fighting machine. I need to read Atticus. I am a Bennett fan (especially love her Cold Fury books), and Atticus sounds great.

  2. WOW Sophie! Now I need to read the Vampire Academy graphic novel!! I didn’t even think about someone to train your body and I. LOVE. IT. Dimitri can train me up to look like your gif any day 😀 And awwww Atticus is the perfect trickster mentor! If only that kitchen trick worked for me to get me fed treats, lol. ❤️ You killed with two mentors Sophie!