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I know that today’s topic from Shanah @bionicbookworm was our top 5 most awaited books BUT as I have done two huge posts on that topic this month I chose to veer off path!

Today I will dream!

I will imagine what it would be to have some authors paired together. Not between the sheets mind you! No, this is serious business! But to write books!

What would be your DREAM COLLABORATIONS between authors? 🤔

Have you ever wanted to push two of your favorite authors together … to write a book?

I came up with these pairings:

🤩 Emma Scott and Kate Sterritt because they both write moving romance and I bet it would flow like water with just THAT twist to turn our world on its axis! I predict lots of swoon, hope,heartache, despair but HEA!

🤩 Suanne Bierman Laqueur and Leylah Attar ! I know they collaborated on Moti but Suanne was not really in the writing seat! But when I read that book I could not help thinking that they have such a similar humor and a huge finess in analysing live and situations in general. How to dish wisdom without patronizing. So I am rooting for this pair!

🤩 Beth Flynn and Jewel E. Ann. I know that Beth is out of social media for some weeks and won’t read this but we would have THE PLOTTER and THE TRICKSTER! Imagine mingling Jewel’s brand of crazy with Beth’s gang of bikers and outlaws! Explosive!!!

🤩 Amy Harmon and Ruta Sepetys . They both have a flawless writing and love writing fiction. So combining Amy’s graceful writing with Ruta’s plotting would give us a phenomenal historical fiction!

🤩 Leigh Bardugo and Holly Black because they both are queen of characters in shades of grey with questionable morales and they do love their totally unexpected cliffhanger!

🤩 Jay Kristoff and Brandon Sanderson . Because I love the sarcasm they put into their stories and the crews that we get to follow. Give me scifi cowritten by these two and I’ll be in heaven! And hey, they already share the same cover artist :-D 

And you, what pairing would you dream to see?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I have never thought about this before, and I don’t think I would be able to come up with one union. It seems I have only read one author in each of your pairings (what are the odds?), but they are all authors I love, and I think a good co-writer can elevate the other.

  2. OMG This post is AMAZING!! And could you just imagine Brandon Sanderson and Jay Kristoff???? That would be the most fucking incredible book to ever exist!!!!!!! Sorry for the F-bomb but you got me way too excited thinking about that duo lol!

  3. Lol, when I read the title I thought it means authors YOU dream to collaborate with. But reallu, I would love for Leigh and Holly collaborate, let’s just imagine Kaz Brekker in a Fae world. Hehe