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Top 5 Tuesday is back! Long hosted by Shanah @bionicbookworm (she was the creator), she has now new challenges awaiting her and Meeghan from@meeghanreadshas become our new mastermind!!!


This week’s topic:

FAVOURITE CHARACTERS  whose names start with letters of the alphabet!! You can do first name, last name, nicknames, whatever you want – that’s completely up to you!!

Letters from F to J


F stands for …

Fern in Making Faces by Amy Harmon 

As a child Fern is, well, not pretty but she has a golden heart. Fern has always loved Ambrose, often compared to Hercules. He is tall, strong and beautiful, worshipped by the whole town. Fern knows she can’t be loved by such a beautiful boy but she is never bitter. She will even help her friend Rita to seduce Ambrose, writing love letters in her stead, undressing each other’s soul and heart in the process.

Fern is selfless, caring, enthousiast for simple things and has no pretense. She is deeply loyal in friendship as in love. As Ambrose said, she writes “smutty romance novels and quote scripture”. 




Miss Lemon Fresh in Lifel1k3 series by Jay Kristoff

I love Miss Fresh and her perpetual devil may care attitude paired with big loyalty and fun banter.

Lemon Fresh is my girl. True cert.

At the bottom of her heart, at the core of her soul, she just wants to be loved and be chosen. She has been rejected and abandoned so many times.

From the end of book one I wanted Fresh to be something other than somebody’s sidekick! Lifl1k3 focused on Eve as main female character but Miss Fresh had already hijacked my heart and I wanted her to have the floor! Well in Dev1at3 and certainly now in Truel1f3 my wish has been granted!

Freckles will have to up her game and true cert, she’ll be fizzy doing it!

“Truth was, part of her still felt like that snot-nosed, punk kid who’d set out as the tagalong in someone else’s story. The sass on tap. The comedy relief. She wondered who she was to be standing up in a fight like this. To be counting on others to do the same. Despite her speech in the silo, she didn’t feel like any sort of leader.”

G is for…

Gansey in The Raven Boys series

Son of a congressman he is “filthy rich”, charismatic, always polite, uses big complex words and …sometimes lacks some social skills as he’ll seem condescending to you while really, he would never be disrespectful to anybody.

“My words are unerring tools of destruction, and I’ve come unequipped with the ability to disarm them.”

Gansey “collected” Adam, Ronan and Noah like he would collect puppies.

We don’t have many details as to how their friendship happened but they now are a solid foursome.

I could call him Gansey the Magnifique 😉

Gansey has dedicated his life on finding a buried Welsh king Glendhower.

He is convinced that the king has been moved from England to Virginia and is looking for ley lines and to awaken it.

 Gansey is feverish and methodical in his search.


Gracelyn from Fortuity by Jewel E Ann

Meet Gracelyn, in her forties who has recently become the mom of her ten year old nephew after Gabe’s parents both died in an accident.

“I’m just a woman with my life tipped upside down because my brother and his wife died and left me with their son. I don’t have children of my own. I have no clue how to be a good parent. I’m just trying to keep my head above water and not screw anything up beyond repair.”

Gracelyn has had no luck in love so far after her first love, Brandon, died when they were in their twenties. She made me laugh with her thoughts about beginning menopause and hot flash and being a mess. Gracelyn is truly funny and being in her head, reading her inner monolog made me laugh so hard I sometimes was in danger to pee in my pants!

TMI? Well deal with it as it sets the tone for this book! ;-) 

I loved the first time she saw Nate and all her thoughts about her neighbor looking like Jamie in Outlander! I bet Jewel was binge watching the series while writing this book!

“If I lick his hand, will it be weird? Too desperate? Too personal for a first encounter? Too immature for forty-one? Probably.”

H stands for ….

Harper in A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

Harper was the girl neither prince Rhen neither Commander Grey expected! She did not meet any of their criteria.
Born with cerebral palsy she fought all her life to work around her handicap. Courageous, determined, fierce she refused to let it cripple her life and determine who she was! I loved that Brigid Kemmerer chose a “flawed” heroine, one born with bad cards yet who managed through sheer determination to raise above her handicap and accomplish extraordinary things.
Harper was not only brave but also extremely generous and wore her heart on her sleeve.

Life had been hard on more than one way on her and she learned not to trust easily and to call it rubbish when it was.
She was the least classic fairy tale princess from all the “chosen” girls yet she could not have been better suited for the role!

When she meets commander Gray she fights! He may be a seasoned warrior and her an untrained handicapped girl she will be fierce and resourceful!
The same can be said with Rhen! He won’t be the boss of her and the prince will be disconcerted with this daring girl!

“Am I supposed to call you Your Highness now?” “Only if you can do it without such contempt.”

I is for

Izzy in The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven

I want to be Izzy O’Neil when I grow up!

zzy O’Neil is an orphan raised up by a courageous and totally modern grand-mother Betty.

She has two childhood best friends the nerdy Danny and the tiny but intimidating Ajita.

Izzy is what you could call your jokester. She is a real comedian and is the best at working on funny scenarios. Barely passing her classes her counselor and drama teacher will encourage her to enter a competition for screen play. Kind of The Voice but for aspiring writers who dream of working for the movie and tv industry.


Izzy is a free-spirited girl, always trying to see the bright side of life whatever the curve ball it’s throwing at you. Her favorite weapon is humor.

At ease in her skin, stretch marks, cellulite and all she enjoys boys as many teenagers do.

She is one of these characters who hates confrontation. She is a peace maker at heart.


J stands for…

James Herondales in Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare

James is handsome and caring. He is the glue, always checking on every of his friends and he is their unofficial leader. I love James and something is happening to him in the book that makes me SO MAD! I want to slap a certain person really hard for what he is going through!

We also learn very surprising and alarming news about his ancestor. Poor James! He will really need all Cordelia’s help in the next instalment!

Last thing that I found very charming about James: he loves books so much that he has mastered the art of readwalking, just like I do! 😊

“I am a Herondale. We love but once.”
“That is only a story.”
“Haven’t you heard?” James said bitterly. “All the stories are true.”
― Cassandra Clare, Chain of Gold


John Lowry from Where the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon

John is half Pawnee by his mother half white by his father.

He’s been raised by his father’s wife Jennie and I would like to take a moment to praise that woman.

She welcomed John amidst her family. If she was not the kissing and smothering type, she raised John right and showed her acceptance and tenderness through small actions.

John is stuck between two world and does not feel like fitting in any.

“My mother’s people called me Two Feet. One white foot, one Pawnee foot, I am not split down the middle, straddling two worlds. I am simply a stranger in both.”

John’s heritage has made him into someone cautious but also very aware that he’ll always feel different from others. He is a simple, considerate and smart man. John is hard working and loves his mules and horses. He keeps to himself as he knows others distrust him. I loved how patient he was with Naomi’s brothers even if Webb was always talking his ears off! I loved how he helped everyone in the caravan, how he tried to avoid confrontation when possible and choose the peaceful road.  I loved how protective of Naomi and her family he became.

“John does not flirt. He doesn’t say pretty, empty things. He listens, soaking everything in. John’s a doer. An observer. And his thoughts, when he shares them, are like little shoots of green grass on a dry prairie. The flowers on the prickly pears that grow among the rocks.”


Jonah from The Simple Wild by KA Tucker

Jonah was an instant favorite! What’s not to like in a big and muscled Alaskan pilot, determined to help ever

yone in the community and delivering medicine or much needed necessities to the remotest places in extremely difficult conditions sometimes. Alaska and planes were his life! Let’s also add that under his very bushy beard he was extremely handsome!

Jonah gives as good as he gets and if he played some pranks on Calla she had her revenge! I was giggling so many times at their antics! 

“Hell. Six other pilots available and I had to be the one to get you,” Jonah mutters to himself.
… “ ‘Don’t worry, Calla.’ ‘It’s no big deal, Calla.’ That’s what a decent person would say,” I mumble.
“I’m here to get your high-maintenance little ass to Bangor, not soothe your ego.”
― K.A. Tucker, The Simple Wild


Now do we have some books in common?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. Gansey was such an interesting and complex character. He ran deep and I was always #TeamGansey. Oh, Jonah. What a great person to help Calla through all her drama. Adored him!