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Top 5 Tuesday is back! Long hosted by Shanah @bionicbookworm (she was the creator), she has now new challenges awaiting her and Meeghan from@meeghanreads has become our new mastermind!!!


This week’s topic is a favorite to me: authors I discovered this year and are now new favorites!

2020 has been a very bad year for everyone so I’ll take all the good that I can and these authors truly made my days! For most of them, I am now slowly reading all their books!

Let’s begin (and you’ll have more than five I fear!)


The most recent one, from last month, is Naomi Novik with A Deadly Education 

“Some sorcerers get an affinity for weather magic, or transformation spells, or fantastic combat magics like dear Orion. I got an affinity for mass destruction.”
― Naomi Novik, A Deadly Education

Another one from last month too: Alice Feeney with His & Hers

“We all have cracks, the little dents and blemishes that life makes in our hearts and minds, cemented by fear and anxiety, sometimes plastered over with fragile hope. I choose to hide the vulnerable sides of myself as well as I’m able at all times. I choose to hide a lot of things.
The only people with no regrets are liars.”
― Alice Feeney, His & Hers

This one was “pushed “on me by a bookstagram friend and she was so right! Deborah Harkness with The All Souls Trilogy

“No, I’m a vampire.” Matthew stepped forward, joining Chris under the projector’s light. “And before you ask, I can go outside during the day and my hair won’t catch fire in the sunlight. I’m Catholic and have a crucifix. When I sleep, which is not often, I prefer a bed to a coffin. If you try to stake me, the wood will likely splinter before it enters my skin.” He bared his teeth. “No fangs either. And one last thing: I do not, nor have I ever, sparkled.” Matthew’s face darkened to emphasize the point.”
― Deborah Harkness, The Book of Life

I tried What You Wish for and was smitten! Katherine Center

“You’ll never fix all your problems.” “Well, that’s encouraging.” “The point is to be happy anyway. As often as you can.”

I began with The Switch then read The Flatshare. Beth O’Leary

Oooh. Well that’s a landmark moment for you right there. Your first d!ck pic!”

“My first what?”

She makes a face. “Wow this is worse than telling my daughter where babies come from” (…) I tilt my head. “Gosh” I say.

“Looking pretty spritely for a man of eighty.”(…)

“Does that ever work?” “Maybe it’s like flashers in the park, it’s not whether you like it-they just like showing their todgers.”

And this one is thanks to one of you: Taylor Jenkins Reid. She blew me away with her Daisy Jones!

“I had absolutely no interest in being somebody else’s muse.
I am not a muse.
I am the somebody.
End of fucking story.”
― Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & The Six


What author did you discover this year?


Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love discovering new authors! Love both Beth O’Leary and Taylor Jenkins Reid and I really need to read some Deborah Harkness as well. One of the authors I discovered this year is Jeaniene Frost, thanks to your recommendation :)

  2. I’m very behind on the times but I discovered Sarah J Maas this year and now want to read everything she’s written! I’ve finished Throne of Glass and now have ACOTAR waiting for me.

  3. Beth O’Leary and Taylor Jenkins Reid would make my list too! I read both The Switch and Daisy Jones this year and loved them. :)

  4. Some interesting titles and authors listed, Sophie. But it’s going to be a long time before I get around to reading anything with vampires after the disaster that was The Southern Book Club. Yikes!

  5. Taylor Jenkins Reid is an author I can’t believe I haven’t read yet! I must get to Daisy Jones, I’ve had a copy for like two years, lol.