Hello friends

I’ve been nominated by Caro @bookcheshirecat to take The Book Blogger test!

I’m honored and will do my best on the Sunday morning to answer all your questions.


But why don’t I publish a Sunday Post today? The reason is simple: too much to do and more basically… I’m busy reading a very good book!!!! I don’t want to stop reading Blood and Sand by C.V. Wyk.


The Book Blogger test first

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions asked on this post
  • Nominate at least five people to do it also
  • Let your nominees know you nominated them

Caro’s link is above and you should really consider visiting her blog as she has a fantastic theme, pays attention to details (lovely graphics) and is really upbeat!

Describe Your Perfect Reading Spot

My perfect reading spot would be close to a window and comfy. I’ve found the perfect picture as the hanging seat would allow me to move gently. The only danger? That I would soothe me into sleep rocking back and forth :-D

Tell Us 3 Book Confessions


I hide into the bathroom (read loo) just to finish my books! Yes as a mom I’m sometimes hunted by my kids to help with homework, chat about the latest school gossip, etc. But when I’m nearly finished with my book and it’s a dramatic time in the story I just HAVE to read it all. Hence hiding.

Anothe strategy I have developped to be able to go on with my read? I developped mad skills at hiding behind pillars on the gate at the station just to avoid some friends/colleagues and be left alone in the train. Can’t you see that I’m reading here?????



I’m a cover junkie. I can buy a book solely based on its cover and have it sleeping in all its glory on my shelves for months till I’m in the mood for reading it!


When Was the Last Time You Cried During a Book?

Well this week with Love My Way by Kate Sterritt. I love ugly cry books and people on the train (again) are used to that crazy woman either sniffling or sobbing alone either laughing like mad.

How Many Books Are on Your Bedside Table?

None! I take my books or my ereader everywhere and never leave them all alone and desolate even on my bedside table!


What’s Your Favorite Snack to Eat While You Are Reading?

The story! I don’t eat while reading as I’m so focused on it that I forget everything else (I won’t hear you by the way).


Name 3 Books You Would Recommend to Everyone

Show Us a Picture of Your Favorite Bookcase on a Bookshelf

How is it for a bookshelf? I think @emilyjmead has the perfect and dreamy bookshelf!


Describe How Much Books Mean to You in Just 3 Words

Dream, grow, connect.
That’s all folks! Now I’m nominating:

Kayla Booksandblends

Hasanthi Hasanthi’s Book Blog

Marie Drizzleandhurricanebooks


And if you want you are in!


Happy Sunday!


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  1. Oh it’s so cool that you decided to do the Tag, I loved reading your answers! :)
    Your ideal reading spot looks SO cozy!
    I do the hiding from people I know on the train too and thought I was the only one who did I just want to read, so I cannot have people disturbe me :D

    1. No you are definitely not alone Caro! They should have special coaches on the train for people wanting to read in peace ;-)

  2. Lovely, Sophie! I’m not doing my book author challenge today because it’s my son’s TWENTIETH (20!!) birthday and we’re spending a family day together!! I’ll catch up tomorrow! xoxox

    1. Happy Birthday to your son and today to your hubs!!!! Twenty already!!! WOW. And no worries for the challenge as it must stay fun and manageable ;-)

  3. Great post Sophie! I loved all your answers!
    I too hide from coworkers on my lunch break. It really irritates me when people come talk to me and I have a book in front of my face!

  4. That is a good reason not to do a Sunday Post, because you’re reading a good book! That picture of your perfect reading spot looks nice. Although I think I would prefer a window seat. I also buy books sometimes because of the cover, in fact I bought a book last week because of the cover.

  5. Oh I love this little reading place, though I think, with my clumsiness, I’d totally fall off that chair hahahaha.
    I can totally relate to the “hiding behind a pillar” thing while waiting for the train hahaha, I also want my readin time and sometimes… it’s just hard when you keep on meeting people and have to socialize :P
    Great post!! :)

  6. Ah Emily does have a great shelf. And those are some great hiding skills from your kids haha. If I need a breather I hide in the toilet too (except mine is at the age that he will just be breathing down the door).

    I hope you are enjoying your book.

  7. Oh I love that bookshelf. It doesn’t look anything like mine though haha. I loooove your book recommendations too, I have read two of them and agree one hundred percent. I know that feeling of wanting to be left alone in the train to read! So much in common, I loved reading your answers :-)

  8. Great post Sophie! Usually I am distracted easily but I learned to tune out people while I am reading and I am glad I can do that because people tend to start talking just when the story gets too exciting to stop LOL!