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How are you? Good I hope. I’ve been sick all day with a sore throat, headache and pain in the neck and back but with some good medicine now and Shana’s weekly Top 5 topic I’m having a surge of energy!

I love this week’s topic at Top 5 Tuesday as we get to speak about kickass characters! My favorite kind.


Shanah limiting my choices at five characters is nearly impossible but I’ll try for you!


OK here I go with my cast

Lada from And I Darken by Kiersten White!


Because: “I loved Lada. She was born a girl hence worthless in this world and century. Her only value was securing alliances through marriage. But she did not want to marry. She wanted to fight like a man. She dreamed of owning Wallachia her homeland. She had a goal and was determined to reach it. She was a girl in a men’s world? So what? She would force them to acknowledge her worth.
I wanted to shout “Girl Power!”.

She has an inner fire and fought tradition to build her own destiny. She was faster, better than most boys. She was contrary and vicious. ”But in Lada she saw a spark, a passionate, fierce glimmer that refused to hide of be dimmed.” She thinks she does not know how to love because loving is a weakness but she cared deeply for her brother, for Mehmet, for her Janissaries in her own way.“


Roselle St Sismode from Secondborn by Amy Bartol

She is the epitome of badass heroine!

Roselle is badass!!!
That’s one of the long list of things that I love in Amy’s books: her heroines have a backbone and Roselle will crunch your nose on the table blood gushing everywhere while munching her bland ration never stopping to chew!
I want to be Roselle when I grow up! She is an exceptional fighter and she has a ginormous heart. She will follow her heart and morale even against order. Gasp! A Secondborn MUST always follow the orders! Well our Roselle is a rebel! ”




Juliette Ferrars from Shatter Me by Tahere Mafi

I finished Restore me in one day and one morning and the review will come tomorrow but Juliette is basically invincible!

You shoot a bullet it will bounce on her skin. She also can kill you with a bare touche. News she can kill with her shout! She makes earth explode and crack. I think she could win Survivor.






Kestrel from The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

She has absolutely zero fighting skills. But what Kestrel lacks in fighting skills she compensate with a brilliant mind! She reminds me of Hermione Granger that some of you chose today.

She also went to Hell and back like a true survivor!

It’s already been established in the former books that Kestrel is not good with weapon. She does not need to as her intelligence is her best weapon. But a big surprise is waiting the reader and her mind will turn against her, leaving her questioning and distrusting everyone. She’ll be a ghost trying to find her way. We’re used to a strong Kestrel but in this book, she’ll be frail and fragile and will have to transcend her condition to become what she was always meant to be: a formidable woman.


Of course I love Celaena/Aelin from A Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

She is a real fighter and survivor!

In Queen of Shadows, Aelin was an incredible strategist, she planned everything and placed her pawns in a formidable chess game. Working in the shadows of the night, she orchestrated her revenge against Arobynn, her former Master, King of Assassins and everyone who hurt her loved ones.

This book is full of spectacular escapes, furious battles against Valg princes, flights in the sewers, in the slums and will take you on an incredible journey.

Think to breathe, from time to time, usually when you begin seeing stars dancing before your eyes because that’s how breathless that book is. I swear Aelin must be some kind of cat as she always escape death at the last moment. You think “that’s it, all hope is lost, this is the end” and … something happens to save the day, be it an incredible move of Aelin, an unexpected ally or… And you’re left panting with trembling hands.“

Now do tell me who would win Survivor?

Thanks for reading and happy Tuesday!



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    1. Hahaha Evelina Shanah has great ideas indeed! I haven’t read these books yet but from what I get from other’s reviews I think you’d be right 😉

  1. I forgot all about Secondborn!! Wow! Yes, I agree!

    Also, Celaena…always! I think she has all the skills…and is always just my biggest example of a super strong female character.

  2. For a second I thought Superman was going to be in your Survivor. I thought, “That’s not fair! Of course he’d win Survivor. He wins everything, ever!” Lol

  3. Great list! One of these days I’ll get to the Shatter Me series and see what she’s all about! I’ve heard so many amazing things but keep staying away from it. I don’t even know why!!
    Thanks so much for participating – added you to the list 🙂