Top 5 Reasons why I blog


This is top 5 tuesday again the weekly event created by Shanah @bionicbookmom.

Come play with us she has the best topics!


I love this week’s topic as in 3 weeks it will be my blogoversary. One year blogging!

Time to look back and wonder in retrospect why I blog and if these reasons were the same one year ago.

Reasons why I began blogging:

1. A dare! You know as in “I dare you to”. Well that’s what two of my friends told me and I never resist a challenge!

2. The challenge. I wanted to be a “in” mom and woman. I will master that technology or die trying! ;-) 

3. To get ARCs. Let’s be honest here you get more ARCs when you are a blogger so it was an apealing idea.

4. To talk about my biggest passion: reading!

Reasons why I’m NOW blogging:

5. To chat with other incredible bloggers because you are interesting and helpful. YOU are inspiring me and pushing me to dare and do better;

6. To help authors I love being better known. Being a blogger you have a better way to promote authors. I try to push my beloved ones the best I can.

7. To get creative. It was something I never would have expected. I did not know I could create graphics and mood boards. That I could customize my blog to make it pretty. That I could take artistic pictures of my books. That I could write and create something of my own. That… it’s been the best discovery as I’ve kept my creativity under wrap for decades while it’s always been an important part of my personality. Now I feel better more like my “kid” self. The one that was drawing Mickeys all the time everywhere :-D 

8. To get to really chat and know authors even interviewing them. I love interviews. It takes lots of thinking and researching as I don’t want to ask always the same questions but it’s so worth it!

9. To get to help othet newbies bloggers. I made mistakes, plenty of mistakes in the beginning. Oh who am I kidding I still make mistakes. Every time some blogger or geek helped me out of my misery so I want to give back;

10. Because it’s fun! It’s now become a part of myself. I’m addicted and I’m proud to be a member of the blogging community.

And I hope that I produce some interesting and helpful content.

And you what are your reasons to blog?


Thanks for reading!



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  1. I have to admit that, like you, getting ARCs was one of my original reasons. Now what I love the most is being part of the blogging community, chatting and sharing my passion. Fangirling over books without been judged. Also, there’s nothing more gratifying that seeing that someone else is reading and loving a book that you recommended to them.
    Also, I have discovered some great indie author through blogging. It makes me feel like a talent scout, lol.

    1. Talent scout? Ha! You have watched too many baseball games Talia LOL And yes all your reasons are very valid ones. Fangirling and all because our blogs are our place! And I’m also jubilant when I see someone liking the book I recommended. I’m barely restraining from shouting “told you so!”

  2. I love that one of your reasons is to help authors! That’s so sweet. I don’t think a lot of people have thought of that. I know people feel like indie reads can be a risk, but you’re so right, this blogging world is a big help in pushing unknown authors and getting the word out.

    Wonderful list, Sophie!

    1. Thank you Wendy! And being a blogger I really realized how hard it is to be “known and seen” so authors face the same battles and they even put more hours and blood into their work than what we do so if I can help some…

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love that you did 10 instead of 5. I considered doing the same myself as there are just SOOOO many reasons to love our blogs! I absolutely agree with all of your points :) And happy soon to be blogaversary! I’m coming up on my blogaversary myself and this year just flew by!
    Thanks for sharing your reasons and thanks again for participating!

    1. You are more than welcome Shanah and thank you!!! We should do a “collaborative” post to celebrate our blogoversary like “what we learned this year” or the Ooops moments or …