#BookBoyfriendChallenge Day 13


Today’s book boyfriend is all about historical book boyfriends.

Now I don’t read many historical books anymore BUT I have two winners for the historical book boyfriends.

They are centuries even millennium apart but both are incredible book boyfriends.

On the one hand you have a real Neandertal and on the other hand you have a priest. Could I choose boyfriends more different? Well yes as they are both considerate, generous, caring, etc.

So you can say don’t judge a book by its cover LOL


First historical book boyfriend is Ehd from Transcendence by Shay Savage (extraordinary book you should read it).



What I wrote about Ehd:

“I loved Ehd! He is a “savage” but he is so sweet and considerate with Elizabeth. He is like a kid at times, cowering and cringing after he did something to upset her, he didn’t dare to look at her, pretending not to exist…

At the beginning, he feels so lonely and desperate he nearly does not want to live any more. And then, he finds Beth! She is his hope and brings him a surge of happiness. He’s found his mate!
But he really, really broke my heart when he thought she didn’t want to be his mate. He would be alone and lonely again. Even so, he wanted to give her fresh fish to feed her and help her leave him to find her “tribe”. Gosh, I had to grip my tissue and retain my sobs! How can you not fall in love for such selfless, protective and caring male?
To our modern eyes, he was like a kid. He was a breath of fresh air, so cute when he wanted was to “put a baby in her belly” (it made me smile with his refreshing way of speaking of his desire and his need). Ehd is also very determined! He will have to overcome the “non” language barrier. He will make mistakes but he is always driven by the need to protect, cherish and help his mate.

Let me say, this “Neanderthal” is much better than many of our contemporary males!”

Ehd luffs Beth well, Sophie luffs Ehd!


Favorite quotes:

“Beh reaches up and touches my cheek.
“Love,” she whispers.

“Luffs!” I respond, and her smile brightens even more.

Without a doubt, I will do anything for her.”
Shay Savage, Transcendence


“I will provide for her. I will protect her. I will give her anything she wants.”
Shay Savage, Transcendence



Second historical winner: Angelo Bianco in From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon


What I wrote about Angelo:

“Angelo found his calling enraptured by Donatello’s sculpture of Saint George. He was thirteen but knew he would become a priest. He had a huge determination:

“Unyielding Angelo, she’d called him. She’d told him once that his virtue was as disheartening as it was admirable.”

 Angelo made a promise to protect Eva, always.

 He was torn between his love for Eva and his calling. He was bleeding for her. He felt powerless so many times and yet he would have taken her suffering in a heartbeat.

“I would take it away from you if I could. I would take it with me. I would take your pain and bear it for you.” He would happily endure her sorrow if it meant she wouldn’t have to. “I know,” she said again, as if she truly believed him. “I know you would. But sadly, that is not how pain works, is it? We can cause pain, but we can so seldom cure it.”

 Angelo was determined to do his duty the best he could and was tirelessly smuggling hunted people, hiding them with the help of the church. So many nuns, monks, priests of common civilians became real heroes. Revolted and horrified by what was done to Jews they could not stay still.

To sum it up he was courageous, supportive, loyal and handsome.


So what do you think of my historical book boyfriends? Have you read these books? What are you favorite historical book boyfriends?


Thanks you for reading!


Now as I promised another blogger to always leave buying links and Goodreads links:

Transcendence:               Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2fiQGFX

                                            GR -> https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20504754


From Sand and Ash:       Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2x1G4ET

                                            GR-> https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29638166






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  1. Now I absolutely have to read Transcendence. I had heard it was great but from what you said of Ehd, I need to meet him. I love this kind of originality in male characters!