Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .

In my private Life

I know it’s been three weeks already since I did a Sunday Post but, being still in lockdown, not many things happen in my life. Hence not many things to tell.

What’s happened in the last three week?


My mom got all her shots of Moderna and is now protected so that’s a big relief! Still no news for me to get a shot but I guess we’ll get there.


I have now a huge new bookshelf dividing the dining room and the living room. Mostly empty as it should. It’s just waiting for lots of new books to come an decorate that space!


Also we have cold but sunny weather here and it seems to have triggered my allergies to pollen! It’s been twenty years since I last suffered from a running nose because of pollen but I don’t seem to be able to stop sniffling and blowing my nose today. I had no idea a nose could produce so much liquid!!!


Then I gave four big boxes (the size where you put your laundry inside) full of books to be sent to a school in Congo!

I am a believer in fate or what you want to call this but when I was walking after my workday, a neighbour asked me if I had books to donate suited for teenagers. I am known as “The Lady who Readwalk” in my neighborhood :-D 

I told her that I would come the day after and ….I think I surpassed her expectations!

Now I am happy that kids in Congo will have great books to read, all recent and in pristine condition.


Another thing that happened in these last weeks was the Witch Hunt on Instagram. Some authors were attacked violently and their followers too.

If I won’t lose sleep for Emily Duncan being attacked  (because since a long time she has been mean to others on social media and…you reap what you sow) but I was furious when I saw how Jay Kristoff was vilipended!!

I don’t mean he made no mistake but that man as not a mean bone in his body and certainly never intended to be disrespectful to anyone! And people also took words out of their context.

Usually I try to ignore everything but I published things in my stories asking for some respect and kindness. I also messaged poor Jay who thanked me a lot.

Now that he has published a statement telling people he will change his character’s name and will donate to support various causes, it’s still not enough for some people. Honestly some just want to hate…

If you don’t speak of minorities in your book you do wrong, if you speak of them but are not own voice, you also do wrong. These are hard times to be an author!


OK some more positive new now!

I have been contacted twice by Orbit Book from two different editors to get copies of their books. One is The Light of the Midnight Star by Rena Rossner and the other is The Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne.

I was so happy because it never happens to me as an international blogger!

Then I made three more reels that you can watch below and a new funko to forget every nasty things happening on Instagram!


Last but not least, I am binge watching Shadow and Bone this weekend and have two more episodes to go!


On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

I have reviewed six books or was it seven and read one more?? But I will post only my five stars below.



Thanks for reading!


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  1. Congrats to your mom on getting vaccinated! My parents are fully vaccinated, and I got my second shot last week. I always miss the drama on social media. I never know what’s going on. I hope you have a great week!

  2. Hooray for your mom being fully vaccinated! I hope you can say the same soon. I am rarely on any social media so I was blissfully unaware of the drama (exactly why I stay off social media). Some people are never satisfied, though, and seem to delight in dishing out hate and discontent.

  3. I was not aware of the attacks on Jay Kristoff (I try to stay away from social media as much as I can), but I would not be surprised to learn that it’s another wave of “online madness” fueled by the anonymity afforded by the web to people who are too cowardly to put their face and name where their mouth is…
    And I love your new Funko-pop: is it inspired by Shadow and Bone? :-)

  4. So awesome you donated those books, Sophie! And yay for your mom getting the vaccine. All of this controversy was new to me – haven’t been on social media much over the past few days. Have a great week!

  5. I have not been on social media in eons, so I am right out of the loop! Sounds like a real mess. I think I see where you are coming from about Jay. He is a person that does truly seem open and caring. I hope that you get news of your vaccination soon. We are definitely making progress and hopefully these lockdowns will be a thing of the past soon. <3

  6. Poor Jay Kristoff, but honestly, he’s been the target of those groups for a long time, since his Lotus War trilogy days. At this point he should just know there’s no pleasing some people, and I’m not surprised he’s still being attacked after making changes and putting out a statement. This is why playing identity politics is so dangerous, it’s a slippery slope down a path to content gatekeeping and censorship.

  7. I’m so out of the loop of all the politics going on on Bookstagram! I don’t know what’s going on in England with the vaccine. Someone I work with who even had to shield because of her asthma still hasn’t been offered it…

  8. Glad to hear your mom is all vaccinated now! Enjoy your books and have a lovely week, Sophie! :)

  9. That’s wonderful that your mom is fully vaccinated. I hope you’ll have an opportunity to get your vaccine soon too. I’ve been busy with work so haven’t been on instagram much lately, but now I’m glad because I can’t stand that kind of drama. I feel bad for Jay. It sounds like he has apologized for his mistake and promised to do better. I can’t even imagine what else they could want from him.

  10. Glad to hear your mom got all vaccinated up! Hopefully there’s light at the end of the tunnel with all this…

    I feel the same way about runny noses. Clearly a design flaw in human beings lol.

    Be well this week- what an amazing Funko!

  11. I felt bad for Jay too. Some people are just so mean and honestly looking for authors to make one wrong step so they can pounce on them. Congrats on the Orbit books, they are such a great publisher

  12. I can’t wait to see your new bookshelf as it fills up and become a bookworm’s delight!

    Congrats on your mom’s vaccinations.

    Hope you get yours soon, too.

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  13. I’m anxiously awaiting my vaccine, they are doing the over 45s now in Scotland. I’m 42 so hopefully I’ll be up in the next month or two.

    An empty bookcase sounds great, we are moving house in 8 weeks time and I’m hoping to visit Ikea to get my hands on some new bookcases.

    Have a great week.

  14. Whoohoo nothing as exciting as a new empty shelf!! Mine is starting to getting full.. id need to change how I place my books soon to make them fit (still lots of ro though! But more upward than anything) — also wonderful to hear about goving books to kids in Congo, good Job xx

    Yay for your mother!! Both my parents has their first shot now.. i’m the only one waiting for mine too- though chances are good you’re gonna have it before me being only 26 im wayyyy down the road on vaccination..

  15. Glad your mom is sorted and your bookshelves sound awesome!

    Yea for publisher review copies! So happy for you!

    Have a good week ahead.

  16. I am glad to hear your mom is protected. I hope you can get vaccinated soon. I didn’t hear about that drama, but it’s a tale as old as time with authors being criticized in that way. I hope you fill your new shelf with all sorts of amazing books, and that your new arrivals are fantastic.

  17. I’m so happy to hear your mum has all her shots and is better protected. My in-laws had all theirs too. I get my first this Wednesday, fingers crossed all goes well. And Instagram? I avoid it these days, I’m just not interested in all this idiotic people and their hate.

    And good on you for sharing your books with kids in need, Sophie, what a lovely gesture.

  18. Yay for the publisher requests! That is always such an ego boost! I didn’t hear about all the drama regarding Jay Kristoff. The last I heard about author drama was the author who was complaining about 4 star reviews on goodreads and having people go after the reviewers. It’s crazy times. Glad your mom is fully vaccinated! I too got the Moderna shots.

  19. Yay for bookshelves, publisher requests and allll the books! Totally agree with you, it seems authors are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Jay is a top bloke.