I know that:

-whe are in July already;

-that I have tons of like and commenting to do;

-that I am slowly melting on the spot as it is hot as hell here and staying behind the PC is not the smartest thing to do;

-that I have tons of ARCs to read and reviews to write;


Let’s take two minutes to admire my dedication to become broke at lightspeed!

I really went overboard in June as I had to prepare for YALC London in July (trust me a bunch of books is still “in transit”) and because I had read fantastic reviews that made me just want to buy the book. Why buy?

Because Atticus aside (thank you so much Sawyer Bennett!) international bloggers like me don’t get physical ARCs and I have to buy my books (shocking I know)!

So let’s just admire all the books that I’ve bought in June….

We have:


-The Long Way to a Small and Angry planet;

-Children of Blood and Bones;

-A Thousand Perfect Notes;

-The Kiss Quotient;


-The Belles;

-Light Years;

-Onyx and Ivory;

-War Storm;



-I’ll Meet you There;

-Tethered Souls;

-The Iron Tiara;

-Out of Time;

A Gift of Time;

-Nine Minutes

19 books!!!!


Now did you buy many books last month?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Such a huge and epic haul!! I have to admit I haven’t read most of these. Some are on my TBR as well, like Starfish (which I own), The Kiss Quotient and also and A Thousand Perfect Notes. You know how much I loved Children of Blood and Bone already!!

  2. My heart squeezes every time I see someone mention I’ll Meet You There. It was one of my favorite books in 2016 and instantly became one of my favorite books *ever.* Josh and Sky’s story made such a huge impact on me. I keep thinking I want to reread it but I don’t know if my more heart can take it. I hope you’ll love it, too!

    1. Well Fareya if you go with ten books a month you’ll have 120 books by the end of the year so…not bad at all!

  3. What an awesome haul!
    I’m not sure how many books i bought, because i buy some kindle books every now and then, and then the trips to the charity shop… hmm, maybe 20?

    I found Long Way to a Small and Angry Planet in the charity for £1. I was so happy!

  4. Ahh! So many books, so exciting! The title of this post cracked me up so much. I’m so jealous of all the books you managed to get your hands on. I’ve been on a book buying ban and only broke it once this month to buy a single book that ended up only costing me two dollars. I hope you love all your new reads! 🙂

  5. Holy crow! That’s a lot of books. The Kiss Quotient was so fabulous! I cannot stop praising that book. I hope to read Atticus. I enjoy Bennett’s books a lot. I actually bought I’ll Meet You There as well. I have heard so many raves, and it was on sale, so, you know, had to get it. I hope you love them all!

  6. It’s a real effort to stay anywhere near my book budget so I will never judge on book buying. LOL

    Wow, you got several that I’ve had my eye on, too. The Kiss Quotient and Furyborn are high on my list.

    Happy Reading, Sophie!