Hi dear friends!

I promised you several posts on YALC 2018 and here is my first one about:

  1. Why attend YALC?
  2. How to attend YALC?
  3. Dreams vs reality.


1. First of all why attend YALC?

Indeed this is a very important question as the entrance tickets costs 56 EUR for the whole three days and if you live abroad (or even in UK but far from London) you’ll have to finance your transportation (Eurostar for us) and accomodations (Hotel Ibis in South Kensington for this girl).

So why should you go to YALC?

A major deciding factor for me is the lack of similar conventions in my country!

Yes be have book events but they are centered around French speaking authors and mostly adult authors. If I wanted to meet some of my favorite writers I had to travel.

Second point: geographically it was the closest to home. Going to the US would have been too expensive!

Now why would you meet authors?

You could always order the signed books on the net right?

Because it’s such a THRILL as a real bookworm to be able to speak with them and to touch them *no no it’s been all PG don’t worry*! You take selfies with them *I usually HATE selfies but with authors I always consent*, you shake their hands and if you are bold or the author is chatty (see the secon post tomorrow) you will have interesting conversations about the bookish world!

Another reason this is ten times better than ordering signed books online: the atmosphere! You bath in a boiling and feverish atmosphere with thousands of passionate readers!

Last but not least: all the goodies and bookish fanart and ARCs that you can hope to win!

Let’s face it it will also be an incredible memory to share with your friends or family.


2. How to attend YALC?

What to wear * no this is no joke as you’ll need to be COMFORTABLE*. How to prepare everything? I left a blog post some months ago about how to prepare for a book signing and basically these are the same tips with some variation. Find the post HERE.

What I would add for YALC is bring a lot of water and food. You’ll need it!

As YALC runs on three days print every day’s schedule.

This is your life saver to begin planning and strategizing!

You won’t be able to see every author so you have to set your priorities.

Maybe you’ll want to attend some discussion panels or workshop? Then you study the schedule and plan accordingly!

Bring cash with you as you’ll have great book deals (you got 3 paperbacks for 10 GBP!) and added authors signing their latest release at the editor’s booth!

Arriving the first day sweep the floor and spot every editing house, exhibitor, the café, the toilets etc. Once you’ve a good idea of your surroundings off you go!

If you can, take a trolley to spare your back. If it’s too mcuh for the few books that you’ve got put your backpack on the ground as often as possible! Don’t hesitate to sit on the floor while waiting in a long line (wear jeans or some other practical wear). I carried my backpack all the time the first day and by the end of the day had such backache I feared to be unable to move the day after.

I ended up sleeping on my belly with a huge pillow under my hips puting me in the same position as babies sleeping on their bellies with their behind “up”. My legs pulled on the low end of my back and my chest pulled on the upper end of my back, leaving me in a “V” position, stretching my spine. It did wonders but was certainly not the most sexy position!!!! 😀 


3. Dreams vs reality

Now that you’ve been there, happy?

Well yes! It’s been better than I expected even if I did not win any ARC (and I would so have loved to!). The support offered by other readers attending the even was amazing (see future post), the authors were charming, the discussion panels such hoot! My only regret … well I have none! Honestly I just want to go back again.

Just know that your wallet will suffer as there is so many temptations!

It’s also been a great time with my daughter who’s accompanied me. She had all her books signed and mine as well!

OK talk tomorrow for some fun facts and anecdotes.



That’s it for today! If you want to add something or ask a question, be my guest!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. AHH Sophie this is such a wonderful post, thank you for sharing it – definitely saving it up for… well, hopefully next year, I’ll be able to make it there? YALC is also way closer than the US for me, living in France, and I would very much LOVE to get there someday, it sounds like such a great event 😀
    Thank you for the tips! 😀

  2. You are a rockstar!! Of course everyone wants to be you! I will admit to giggling getting a picture of you laying down! I bet you are glad to be home and I’m happy to know you had an awesome time! Do we get to see what books you came home with?

    1. Yes Susan I’ll post pictures of the books in the coming days promise! And happy to make you giggle LOL