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Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .

First, to my US friends …

In my private life

First thing first: the kids!

You know when your kids are all grown up when the tax department asks them to fill in their tax return ! Oh the joy of explaining how to do it online 😀 

As they don’t earn their life yet, save for some measly student work, they are well below the treshold and don’t have to pay tax. So that’s fairly simple but nonetheless, you realize that now, they are considered as adults by the state!

That’s even more evident when your daughter tells you she’ll go back to her dorm after she is finished working and that she’ll take the train past 9 PM…

You can only advise her to sleep at home and go back early the day after, because traveling alone late at night on public transportation is not the safest choice as a girl . But if she does not want to follow said advice, well you are kin dof powerless….

They are over 18 now so, again, legal adults.

Of course, my inner mama bear was messaging her all the time! When she embarked  on the train, when she was on the train and when she arrived at the station till she was safely indoor! 

It’s hard sometimes to let them fly and make their own decision.

COVID news: so far so good in our country, even with the shops who have reopened, restaurants included! The only sectors still closed are the event sectors, concerts, theaters and the pools! I miss swimming so much!


Another information: I have now so many books and must work from home all the time (for now) that we are considering building another room! Kind of a personal office and huge library for me!!! YAY!

But the cost is crazy so we are looking for these kind of huge container crates or wood squares that you can put in your garden and have one more room. I think it would be lovely to have my office with view of the garden and be part of the garden!


Last news: this week, I got TONS of BOOKMAIL!

One of my Beacon Book Box finally arrived (being a rep and having no box to show on your feed sucks as you have to photoshop every picture to still fulfill your contract). It was the special box The World of Kiera Cass and it was packed!

The blanket was so huge it never fit into my pics 😆 

Then I got my Fairyloot May box! Desert Dreams! Because new spost to have a monthly subscription opened up again! So I snatched one of them!

As a good news does not come alone, I got my rep package for BookBookOwl , from Australia! I have now gorgeous bookmarks to show into my feed.

And last but not least, I learnt today that I won Illumicrate May photochallenge!!!! Yepee as it means that my July box will come for free!

I think this made up for all the frustration of no mail showing up these pas three months!

On the blog this week (click on the graphic to read the post)

Well I have been super lazy! Who knew that blogging and bookstagramming was so hard and time consuming? You of course LOL

I needed to slow down on the blog this week and the kids made me do some things. So yes, I slowed down!

I also decided to have several months ARC free and that’s an amazing feeling! I want to read the books on my shelves and on my TBR. Plus I don’t want the pressure right now. So except if it’s a unicorn author of mine (and I don’t have lots of them) I will only read already released books!

Only one review: Adamantine by Rosie Weir and it was a little bit disappointing. 3 stars

On Tuesday I made a list of 10 books that I SWEAR will read this summer (pinky promise).

On Friday it was a choice of the most beautiful cover featuring time as a topic! I chose Time’s Convert by Deborah Harkness as I am listening to A Discovery of Witches right now.

In the blogosphere and literary world


Quiz with Epic Read: Which Book Should You Read Next to the Campfire? Click on the graphic to take the quiz!

And for blog post, if you don’t know what to post about, Book Nest has you covered!



That’s it guys! How was your week? I know I have tons of comments to answer so I’ll begin with visiting your blogs today!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. That does sound hard to deal with your kids growing up and letting them make their own decisions, but sounds like you handle it well by giving them their freedom, but also advice. Glad to hear your country is doing well Covid wise, I was afraid we would get a second wave, but so far the numbers have stayed down here too. Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on winning the photo challenge! That is so cool. And good luck on staying ARC-free for a few months. I’m still slowly working on reading the books I own but can’t seem to resist those ARCs. I have no will power, lol.

  3. Parenting “adult children” is always interesting. They don’t need or want your input and help… until they do. LOL

  4. Oh, yes, realizing we have no power over those adult kids! Except…we can send them off to their own apartments instead of housing them. Hmm.

    I love the idea of the little house in the garden for books/office. I lived in a house once with a guest house down the hill. After my grown kids moved out, I loved hanging out there.


    Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a great week.

  5. Yup they reach a certain age and I guess they have their own mind haha. What can you do right? And glad to hear the Covid thing is not too bad. People here are crazy doing whatever they want so cases are gonna spike i know!!

    Hey the quiz is back! Good timing since I’m going camping next month… :):)

  6. Although i’ve been that age not that long ago (as im just turning 26), i’ve never been that « brave » Maybe because i’m an anxious bean, but i’ve always been a bit paranoid; same as my mother- so I can’t say I relate xd
    Although I still make my dad fill my taxes, rofl

    Ohhh many bookmail!! that’s exciting!!

  7. Oh I completely relate regarding grown up children! Mine are both in their 30s and I have been known to think back wistfully about when I could fix their upsets with a sticking plaster and a cuddle… How exciting to be getting a room just for your books and office work:)). I work in a corner of the lounge and always have. Have a great week, Sophie:)

  8. What fun to finally have all those book boxes. I wish I had your will power with ARCs but there are so many favorites I am reading. I feel lucky my daughter and I got a house and live together. We get along very well. I hope you figure out your new office. Ours is a huge office / craft room. Right now, we don’t go out so that’s good. Take care and stay well!

    Anne – Books of My Heart

  9. Oh I remember when I did things like your daughter. Its had to understand you aren’t invincible at that age because nothing bad has happened to you or anyone you closely know. I look back now at some of the questionable situations I put myself in and can’t believe I survived. Lessons learned!
    Adding a new room is exciting! I understand the cost though-we are trying to redo a bathroom…so expensive!

  10. I feel the same way about my kids, they’re both over 18 and you just don’t have that much control anymore All your boxes sound amazing, have fun reading!

  11. Congrats on Illumicrate and for snagging a Fairyloot subscription! I love Fairyloot but havent tried Illumicrate yet, maybe I should!

    A she shed for you! That sounds amazing! I’d love another room in my house but I cant see it ever happening unforts!

    Have a great week!

  12. As I’m not a mother, myself, I cannot say how it feels when the kids grow up, but as an aunty to 17 (count them) SEVENTEEN nieces and nephews, I know what it’s like to see kids grow to adulthood and know I just have to be there, when needed and not butt in. But it’s shard sometimes. We all have to make our own mistakes.

    Oh, that’s great news about all the book stuff, wow, that must have been quite the haul. And fun opening it all.

    Meanwhile, stay safe yourself, Sophie!