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This is day 8 of All About Love and I’m happy to welcome one of my closest blog buddies Ramona at Ramona’s Read With Love!

You should now that Ramona is the sweetest person ever and that she shares a passion for interviewing authors with me. She also is an international blogger like me so …kinship!

Thank you Ramona!


Is life a Romance novel?

Well, it can be, with the proper man by your side. I have to admit, I am a romantic person, who reads Romance novels and frequently thinks that this type of plots and characters are too good to be real. But you know what? I read them anyways and just enjoy my time between the pages. But let’s get to the point, because I’m divertingJ) Life can be a Romance novel, if you love openheartedly, without regrets and with joy. I know I do 😀

His name is Florin and he is my other half. Most of the times I say he is the better half, because I learn from him so much and he manages to inflict a positive state over me, which I need badly most of the days. We were college sweethearts and after that, we couldn’t stay away, even if we were from different cities. He eventually moved in Bucharest and I think I had a great role in that decision, hihiJ I cannot begin to tell you how many memories we have together and how we changed each other within 9 years of being a couple. It truly was an amazing ride, which I would repeat forever with him.

He thought me so much, he is my companion, my best friend, my confident, always there when I need him. He stood by my side no matter what, when I was sick, or unhappy or sad. He guided me through the important moments in my life and gave me so many wonderful moments. He also told me when I was wrong, because I am far from perfect, we argued, but not for long. He is my example of kindness and intelligence, of being truth to what you believe and fighting for it tooth and nails. I, without a doubt, can say that I can’t live without him, because his presence is a must in my life, my balance, which gives me the inner strength to overcome everything. Just knowing I have him, at the end of the day, makes everything better and brighter.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him, but he makes me feel special and loved. He makes me feel safe and comfortable with me and my body, which leads me to the conclusion that I’m really the one for him. We say everyday “I love you” and we mean it fully every single time.

I hope I was not extremely melodramatic, but this is how I feel, and I know that my heart is full of love and devotion for this wonderful man, which is by my side every day. Ladies, you can’t have him, he is mine 😉 


Ramona’s bio

You could consider me like the girl next door, with human activities and hobbies.
I love snooker and tennis and when
I’m not working, I’m reading and reviewing on GR and on my blog.

Big fan of Penelope Ward, Mia Sheridan, Katy Evans, Samantha Young and Colleen Hoover, but I also enjoy Scandinavian literature and YA Paranormal stories ( Twilight, Obsidian, Delirium, The Mortal Instruments).

You can find me on https://readwithloveblog.wordpress.com

Have you found the right man to make your life a romance? Or the right girl?

Thanks for reading!


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