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Today in our Romance and Love Celebration I am very happy to welcome my partner in crime alias Angy (Angelica) from Collector of Book Boyfriendsi Angy is that person who took a leap of faith and created our Facebook Group Beware, Book Boyfriends Alert! with me.

She had no idea who she went to collaborate with LOL

Hello everyone!! I’m Angy Potter from Collector of Book Boyfriends and I’m happy to be here in Sophie’s blog, celebrating romance and love again. Last year I talked about Young Love, this year I want to talk about Where Is The Love?.

Love can be found everywhere!! Love is in all the people around you: Your family, in your friends, in your co-workers, even in a complete stranger. Love is also in the things you love: your books, your paintings, your collections. Love is in all places too: Love is in your house, your church, your college, your workplace, at the movies, in a bus station, in a parking lot. Love is literally everywhere.

I particularly adore LOVE FOUND IN BOOKS. I’ll mention the six books that I’ve read in the past six years that have shown me that love can be found anywhere:

2013: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton – Find more in aliceclayton.com

Caroline and Simon found their love in the weirdest and funniest place ever: BANGING ON THE WALL. LOL I remember laughing my ass off with the audiobook of Wallbanger, and then swooning over Simon, sighing for their romance and smiling attheir awesome HEA.

2014: The Librarian Principal by Helena Hunting – Find more in helenahunting.com

You see where I’m going, right? LOL I’m going for the funniest and weirdest places LOL In this book, Liese had a DIGITAL PORN STASH in her computer, but it wasn’t the normal kind of porn… No no no hahhahaah Her best friend modified the videos and added something very particular to them and that is where Ryder finds their love. And it was an amazing, funny, kinky, and perfect HEA!!

2015: The House by Christina Lauren – Find more in christinalaurenbooks.com

I’ve moved on to the scariest and weirdest places to find love: A HAUNTED HOUSE!! Delilah and Gavin’s story was cute and romantic and scary as hell. But it was amazing and I loved how their young love was found in the house.

2016: Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry – Find more in katielmcgarry.com

Love can even be found at a funeral… Well, not just a funeral, but GRANMA’S FUNERAL!! This was an emotional book that had me with a book-hangover for weeks and forever addicted to Katie’s books. Emily and Oz’s story was just perfect. PERFECT! A love I’d have wanted for myself when I was a teenager hahahah

2017: The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz – Find more in tiffanyreisz.com

And we are back to the scary and weird places to find love, Alison and Roland found it IN THE DRAGON, but it wasn’t an easy or normal love, it was forbidden and scary and was also very tainted, just like the place. This book is a Gothic Romance with a great plot, a lot of suspense and a great but surprising ending.

2018: Wait With Me by Amy Daws – Find more in amydawsauthor.com

The last one is a great place to find love: AT TIRE DEPOT. It’s not scary or weird but it was funny and great. Kate went there to work on her book and Miles worked there. It’s not a weird place but it was definitely funny and awesome. Kate was a lucky woman to have found a perfect man for her like Miles. Their HEA was just as amazing, and it was mentioned in the standalone sequel Next In Line, another book with a great location to find love.

Anyway… Where is the love? IT’S EVERYWHERE. You just have to have your eyes open to find it ;)


Angy’s bio


My name is Angy and I’m a fangirl and a bookaholic! I’ve always loved reading, but I used to read 2 books per year tops, and then…. Fifty Shades unleashed the beast! Right now, I read — and listen to audiobooks — as if I were marathoning! My favorite books have the worst kind of bastards who change out of love. I like romance, erotica overall, but from time to time I like reading sweet young adult books with lots of teenage drama. Give me an audiobook and I’m the happiest woman on earth.

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