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Already day 11 in our daily posts about the #BestBooksof2018! And the topic is …Most Awaited book!

When I am writing these lines we are December 2nd *yes for once I am planning ahead on this blog :-D * and can you believe that my Most Awaited of 2018 has not released yet????

Talk about foreplay and slow burn and ….LOL

It is due in two days but of course as I have ordered the hardcover and don’t have a bookshop close to home selling English books I bet that I will get it late in December!!!

But enough talk my winner today is



Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare!

I’ve always loved her series but I swear her Dark Artifices is my favorite. It has …everything in it!

I got everything I expect and desire from an extraordinary fantasy book:

a quest:  in the first book, Emma and the Blackthorns have a limited time frame to discover who is murdering the Mundanes and Fae in the same way Emma’s parents have been murdered;

an impossible taboo love story (I still don’t see how Julian and Emma could end together);

lots and lots of secrets: nearly everyone had secrets Julian, Catarina,  Malcom, Emma and even  Diana. Some have been disclosed but others remain hidden at the end of the story;

incredibly touching characters: not only the main characters that Julian and Emma are but all the side characters have their own life, their own  quirk to love and add layers to the story. They are a family and each has his/her own problems, hopes, joy and fear. I was not only engrossed in Emma’s story but in all their individual stories.

What Cassandra Clare gives us is unique: a rich story evolving right alongside the protagonists, each having his/her own adventure and yet all moving seamlessly right alongside the others. They are a unit, limbs of the same body, united by a fierce love.

action and epic battles against demons and other enemies: Emma is an incredible heroine and I held my breath each time she had to fight evil. She is a badass. Yay!

demons, warlocks, fairy, Shadowhunters, a whole enthralling universe with its rules, people, traditions, secrets…;

cherry on top:  the characters of the other series cross path with Emma and her adoptive family. I was so happy to read about Tessa and Jem; Clary, Jace, Magnus, Alex, Simon and Isabel. The whole saga is going on and it’s so great to see what they’ve become!

And even something I don’t look for: a CLIFFY!!!!!! Dang! That’s also why I NEED Queen of Air and Darkness so much!

Some of my favorite quotes:

“These pictures are my heart. And if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you.”
Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight
Because this is so Julian and his love for Emma
“Nobody calls me ‘blondie’ and keeps their kneecaps.”
Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

Can you see why this is/was my most awaited book of 2018?

Special mentions to: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black; Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas and Bright We Burn by Kiersten White.

It seems that my most awaited are all YA fantasy???? Well for 2019 you will have YA but scifi as well :-D 

Now it’s your turn give me your most awaited book of 2018!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I tend to stumble across books after they’ve been released so there weren’t many I knew about way in advance this year! I do have a few coming out early next year that I’m excited for like the new Extinction Trials book and the paperback of Jane Seymour by Alison Weir! So I guess I have the topic covered for next year’s Blogmas!

  2. I really, REALLY want to read this one and saw the size of the books and was like OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I might get the Audiobook so it’s not that bad to me. I think I want this one read to me. But, I already know I am going to LOVE it!


  3. Bright We Burn has such a pretty cover too! And I totally see why that one won your most anticipated book! I only hear praise for that series (at least some books written by that author hahah) :D

    1. Lashaan as I know that you love all that is in shades of grey, nuances and unexpected paths I would really recommend this series for you ;-)

  4. KoA and QoAaD were two of my anticipated books as well, though, I am taking my time getting to them. I have difficulty reading those final books from series I love.

  5. I love to read fantasy, but most of the times the start is so slow I can’t be bothered to begin it lol. So naturally I haven’t read Cassandra Clare yet

    1. Hahaha yes Tanya it was pure tortue! But I finished it today and it was very good just a little bit less enjoyable than the first two books but still a 4,5 stars!