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Only one more week of our daily blogmas fun already! Today’s topic is best plot twist.

I love when authors surprise me! You are certain the book will go one way and then BAM! Surprise! This is something totally different.

Some of the best plot twists I have read before 2018 were:

Black Lies by Alessandra Torre;

-Flat Out-Love by Jessica Park;

-Sweet Nothing by Jamie McGuire and Teresa Mummert.


In 2018 I have an honorable mention: Ryan’s Bed by Tijan


But my winner today is Love My Way by Kate Sterritt

I bought this book at RARE London. I had never read anything written by Kate ( but had drooled on the cover). In the queue my friend Jennifer told me that “I had to read Love My Way!!”. She was pretty insistant.
So I went to Kate’s table and told her that “I had never read anything by her but my friend made me.do it. So could she sell me the book and sign it pretty please, with a cherry on top?”
Kate has been genuinely charming and sweet telling me to read with an open mind.

Well I took her advice to heart and I really had to hold on tight to my trust in Jennifer and Kate because this book hit a huge trigger of mine.
It was bloody brilliant!!!

Emerson is someone you will instantly relate to. She is sweet and strong.

She will experience perfect hapiness to be thrown into a pit of sadness. Going through life drifting through fog. Not really living.
And I was sad with her.
Then anothet encounter will have her live again. Her emotions were in turmoil and so was I. I was…conflicted like Emerson. Then angry. Very angry and ready to stop reading. And…BAM!
Never saw it coming!

It’s a character driven story with a stunning plot. Kate Sterrit took a huge risk with this one.
When I told her I nearly DNF (because you bet that I reached for her as soon as I finished!) she told me that she knew the risks but she had to write the story “her way”.

So go into this story “my way”: blind and trusting.


Best plot twist for 2018!!!


What is your best plot twist for 2018?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I can’t believe i was on such a mission to find this book!
    Haha. I remembered a book with a lot of hair on the cover and went nuts for days before i found that it was this book only to realize it’s not even my kind of book πŸ˜€
    I’m kinda intrigued now about this huge plot twist tho πŸ˜€