Hi dear friends,

I don’t know if many of you will blog hop today and how many views this post will get but I sure hope enough to give justice to these fantastic male main characters!

Because they deserve all the love I swear!

Two winners today and two men that I would love knowing in real life because they are just perfect!

Toby from A Girl Like Lilac  by Victoria L James

I love protective heroes. Not necessarily big muscled heroes but protective.

Countless times Toby will defend Lilac, lay his life and body for Lilac’s safety.

Toby is not an alpha in every day life but for Lilac he becomes a knight in shining armor.

His dedication, his love was admirable and deeply touching.

“Why do you care so much?” “A young girl told me once to hunt for magic. I guess I found it in her. Now I’d do anything to protect it.”

And I don’t know if Mrs James planned all this but I read clues about my favorite superhero in the whole book!!!!

Let me explain my reasoning…

Toby has blue, blue eyes, dark hair and dark rimmed glasses (like Superman).
His first name Toby made me think of Tobey Maguire (and yes I know he played Spiderman and not Superman but he was a super hero!)
Lilac’s name is Clarke (as in Clark Kent, Superman alias)
Toby’s father is named Wayne (it reminded me of Bruce Wayne from Batman)
Toby was a level headed and cool guy except when someone threatened his precious Lilac. He became all Hulk on the villain. She was his kryptonite.
As stated above Lilac was a ginger like Amy Adams who played Lois Lane. 


Second winner today Weston from the Beautiful Hearts duet by Emma Scott

Weston is just gorgeous inside out. He loved his friend so much that he helped him seduce the girl he was falling for as he thought he would be a better choice for her.

Loving, protective he hides it behind a hard facade.

When something really dramatic will happen he will show tremendous resilience and courage.

He is truly admirable and I rooted for him right from the start.


Now it’s your turn: who is your favorite male main character read in 2018?

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas everyone!


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