Hi dear friends,

First of all today I want to wish you a Happy New Year!

This is the last post of our daily challenge: the best books of 2018.

It is time to look into the rearview mirror and look at our Goodreads Challenge. Time also to look back at our reading year!

Was it good or bad?

How many books? How many pages? What was your average rating? Etc.

Let’s dive in!

What was my challenge and did I succeed?

Yes! I read 18% more books than planned.

Will I amp up my challenge next year? No as I don’t want to put unnecesary pressure. Before blogging I read around 250 books a year but now blogging is time consuming. I don’t only read but I write and create graphics. And take picture. And spend time on social media. And blog hop. And …. you get the gist of it!

How many pages did I read?

I thought Queen of Air and Darkness was the longest but no, it was the fabulous Kingdom of Ash!

My average rating was 4,5 stars.

Either I am a generous rater either I choose my reads wisely. As I rate with my heart I’d say I rate wisely…

Now for the most popular book read and the least popular…

And to give you an idea of my books, ratings and genres (now take magnifying glasses maybe….)

Maybe the first books I reviewed in 2018

And the last ones …

That’s it! Now do tell me how was your reading year?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. I know you read A LOT, but this just tells me how much you read. And like, wow. I feel like I’m left behind, in your wake. Ha! Ha! Seriously, congrats on a great reading year.

    All the best for 2019!

  2. 250!!! Wow! You need to share the secret of reading that much. I actually read less books before blogging than i managed to read now and i’m still not sure how this happened. It defies logic πŸ˜€

    It’s nice to see you read so many awesome books with 5 stars <3 You chose wisely! πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, 250 a year! I agree though, blogging is time consuming and I think after 2013? 2012? I went down to 50 books a year. I’m amping it up 100 this year, though… because my internship has been doing some good with my reading and I think I’m ready to aim for 100. My average rating is 3.4 though… not bad, though when I add those reviews it’ll probably average to be a lot less since wow, that final stretch of 2018 was bad book after bad book after bad book.

  4. My average rating was 4.1 which wasn’t terrible. I have this badddd habit that if I see a book I want on other blogs and they are only getting 3s I usually will stay far away from it. But, that isn’t always true for a book, you can think it’s a 3 and I think it’s a 5. I have to try to be better at this, this year read it anyway. HNY to you and the family!

    You did awesome for the Challenge!


  5. Looks like a smashing success for your challenge. Congratulations. I’m trying to decide what to set my challenge at for 2019. I’m going to keep it the same I think. Less stress that way:) Have a safe and Happy New Year, Sophie!

  6. Way to smash your GR challenge! It’s always great when you can surpass your goal. I think this is the first year my longest book wasn’t an SJM book (I have yet to read KoA). I hope you have a lovely new year!

  7. I read 47,851 pages across 138 books. Shortest book I read was Biker Baby and longest was Winter. My first review of the year was funnily enough Transcendence which I was planning to read next.