Hi Dear Friends,

It’s Tuesday time for our Top 5 meme hosted by Shanah @bionicbookworm!

Today was not an easy one as we have to talk about our favorite last lines or book endings but spoiler free!

Of course if you read “and they lived happy ever after” for a romance that would be spoilerish.

The same with “Mrs O’Malley’s murderer, Shane O’Sea, was not behind the bars and….” for a crime book.

So I had to be imaginative and re-read some of my favorite books here. Honestly there is one that would have told too much so I cut some sentences (…) and stopped before the very end but it is one of my favorite endings. Even if I hate it at the same time because ….cliffy!!!

Here we go and we’ll do last week’s game: I give you the lines and a clue, you try to guess. Answer tomorrow 😀 

Yes I am all about delayed gratification LOL

“Adri and Sune come after her, ready to hold the girl up, until they realize there is no need. The four boys at the center of the circle will build a new A-team next season, but that doesn’t matter, because in ten years’time it won’t be their names that make the people of this town stand taller.

And they’ll all lie and say they were here and saw it happen. The first skate of the girl who will become the most talented player this club has ever seen. They’ll all say they knew it even then.

Because people recognize the bear around here.

Cherry trees always smell of cherry trees.

They do that in hockey towns.”

Clue: well about hockey in a small town.

“Forever was the fire-breathing dragon inside me that shed the fear like a snake shedding skin. Forever was simply a promise of no more.

Forever was a work in progress.

And I couldn’t wait for forever”

Clue: cover with clouds of blue, orange and pink smoke.

“All that count is this:

The four of us met.

Loved one another.

Danced under a blood moon.

Shared our secrets, though too few and too late.

And for a time, together, our friendship was a universe.”

Clue: book that I wish more would know because it was haunting and fantastic. About a secret society. Cover dark puprle with a number in white.

“I’ll be in the Separates, and I’ll be digging with my bare hands. When I’ve made a hole deep enough to plant a tree, I’ll place my fingers inside. I’ll slip off the ring you gave me. It will catch the lights and glint a rainbow of colors over my skin, but I will take my hands away, leaving it there. I’ll start to sprinkle the earth back over it, and I will bury it. Back where it belongs.

I’ll rest against  a tree’s rough trunk. The sun will be setting, its dazzling colors threading through the sky, making my cheeks warm.

Then I will wake up.”

Clue: happens in Australia and is written as letters.

“Emma curled her body over Cortana, clutching the blade to herself, her soul corroded with despair. All around her she could hear the rising voices in the room, cries and shrieks. (…)

High above the Council Hall, the golden clock began to chime the hour.”

Clue: latest release of my favorite fantasy writer.


OK let me know your guesses in the comments below and come back tomorrow to know the results!


Happy Tuesday!



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