Hi friends,

We can all agree that 2020 has been a disastrous year for all of us.

Even us, booknerds, homebodies among homebodies have had to cancel plans, isolate, be kept away from bookstores (GASP!!) and only have virual book club meets!

Suffice to say that many days were a little bit …bleak.

And now, with COVID rearing its ugly head again I thought it was high time to LAUGH!

If you know me, you know that when I am tired or taking a shower or walking or all of these (yes walking tired in the rain duh!) my brain comes with some crazy ideas.

And I was thinking that masks are uncomfortable but necessary so how could we make them appealing for book lovers?

I came with a series of quotes, some great som meh, to beautify our new social tools!


Here we go:

For readers fans of dark and spicy romances like FSOG (Fifty Shades of Grey):

“Bound by books”


“I am a page whipper”


“Waiting for my dark reader”


For fans of fantasy stories:

“I’ve been burned by a bookdragon”


“Gotta escape my booktower”


For environmentalists:

“Booknerd: endangered species that must be shelved at all cost”


For fans of crime and mafia reads:

“Wanted: bookworm, pages exterminator”


“I’m a booksta”


“Death by bookstack”


For fans of books with musicians, actors…anything with fame:

“Booksta’s got talent”


“Rhythm and book”


“I gotta rock that book”


“Nothing beats the books”



Booknerd  is looking for a partner with a degree in IKEA for long lasting bookshelves”


“The roads to the bookshelves are paved with good punctuation”


“The way to a reader’s heart goes through the bookstore”


“It looks too book to be true”


Now do tell me: what quote would you put on your mask? Any fun idea?


Thanks for reading!


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  1. “Death by bookstack” is something I can actually relate too because back in the way when I didn’t have bookshelves yet I would stack all my books and one time I was crouching in front of them and they fell on my head. I was dazed for a bit. Wouldn’t recommend LOL 😛

  2. What a great, fun post! I’ve seen some great masks lately. I think now they are sticking around for a bit that the variety will get more and more! I have a HP one this says ‘this mask is a horcrux’ but i actually ordered the one that said ‘Accio coffee’ so I’d love some coffee inspired ones!