Fourth day already of our Book Author Challenge!

It’s going great and Angy at Collector of Book Boyfriends has got some amazing choices so far too. I’m happy to follow and like all your posts when I get to see the #BookAuthorChallenge.

Today’s topic is Contemporary


I would say that half of my reads are contemporary and half are fantasy/PNR/dystopian. The choice is huge for this topic but I’d like to introduce you to an author I’ve discovered recently. It was once more a Suanne Laqueur’s recommendation (I told you the woman was bad for my wallet).

My contemporary winner is Frederik Backman!

He is Swedish and I usually read in the author’s kanguage but sorry I don’t speak nor read Swedish yet!

I bet many of you have read or watched his work.

Watched you say? Yes because one of his books has been made into a movie: A Man Called Ove.

Now I thought about posting his bio except…it’s in Swedish!!!!


I’ve read Beartown so far and I’ve been so enamored with his writing that I’ve already pre-ordered the sequel due in English in… June! Three months to go!

Why do I love him so much?

Well let me give you again an excerpt of my review of Beartown:

Frederik Backman wrote a gorgeous story revolving around ordinary human beings led by their dreams only to see them crumble and leave them in a state of despair. With an acute writing he weaves a tale of friendships, fights to survive, to thrive in a hostile environment. Humanity at its best and lowest. He swept me off my feet and made me walk for two days in the shoes of these extraordinarily ordinary but exceptional characters.

A must read.”

Now do tell me who would be your contemporary author? Hit me with your recommendations please!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ok, I couldn’t do just one!! I had to put FOUR on this one..too many fantastic contemporary authors out there! But I’m glad you’re highlighting some authors not as well known, Sophie…very cool of you!

    1. John Green is a hit or miss for me Rachel! But I’ll have to check Samira Ahmed! Thank you <3