Hi dear friends,

Is it Sunday already??? Damn last days of my holiday. I am so not ready to go back to work as I had so much fun :-D 

This is the time to chit chat about my week outside the blogging world and on the blog! As usual I am linking to Kimberly’s The Sunday Post @caffeinatedreview.

In my private life

Well as you can guess based on the title, it’s been another explosive evening at Sophie’s house yesterday!

I love my kids but they do come with a mind of their own and if it’s of course a very good thing it can also be a curse sometimes!


For those of you who have teenage daughters how do you manage? I mean mine can be real bossy and snippy. She can also be a doll and has many qualities but sometimes she really orders us a round and that goes …not so great with my son and hubs!

I think that when girls are bratty they use polite words but all is in their tones and some snide comments! And that’s as deadly as fists that boys rather tend to use. That’s why I always played with boys at school as they are usually straigthforwards.

When Hell broke lose yesterday everyone was a casualty.


Knowing that one of your kid had a totally inappropriate behavior does not make it easy when he or she has to face what was coming for him or her.

And that’s where you are wondering: “What did we miss? What could we have done better? How to react?”

This is so disheartening sometimes!

On the one hand you know they are good kids, they open doors for elderly people, give their blood to the Red Cross, give money to homeless people, help you with chores, say thank you … but on the other hand they can sometimes be so insufferable!

I wish becoming parents would come with a user handguide! The “101 to parenting”. With chapters for babies and many, many chapters for teenagers and young adults!


Now let’s get to lighter topics because I don’t want to rain on your parade today!

That glitch aside my week was great!

I went to watch Bohemian Rhapsody for a second time, with my daughter.

I did some more yoga and body balance classes *because dang body you won’t make me suffer again!*.

I took tons of pictures for bookstagrams that could be called candlestagrams this week as I finally got my utterly gorgeous box from Bookworm Candles! They are so pretty I admire them all the time!

I read two books in three days.

I had naps…it was “Me” time and pure bliss!


Next week time to face the music and go back to work Thursday….


On the blog (click on the graphic to read the posts)

I’ve read two books and wrote their reviews but as they are ARCs of books that will be published on January and April 2019 I will publish the reviews closer to the publishing date!

You’d Be Mine by Erin Hanh is a first work by this author and worked extremely well. Nothing unexpected and major but a very good time and easy read. 4 stars.

In Another Life by CC Hunter was …typically CC that’s to say effortless read! CC has the knack to use every trick and trope known to YA literature and do this brilliantly. She has an intelligent writing that makes you read about sometimes heavy topics without the gloom. 4,5 stars.

I finally published the review of Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring-Blake and it was another fantastic read that made me think not only of the victim but also of the criminal. Why does someone who is not fundamentally a bad guy one day commit such a crime? 5 stars!

Now I am reading “Lies” an ARC by Aletha  Romig and hope to get back to Reapers at the Gate by Tuesday!


I had fun with my weekly memes!

Shanah asked us on our Top 5 Tuesday what would be our top book worlds we’d like to live in and I wrote a fun post to demonstrate why this would be a terrible idea for me because … I would be dead in every one of my favorites pretty quickly!

For the “I Heart Characters” as Thanksgiving is right around the corner we had to choose one character we were thankful for. I chose three fantastic girls who all helped open my eyes and get less prejudiced. Because that’s also why I read: to become a better person.

If you want to know why I chose Shirin, Starr and Kaya, just read the post below.

The last post was long overdue and was triggered by blog hopping to Mandy @bookprincessreview ! She asked interesting and funny questions to bookstagrammers and I thought it would be the right time to write my Bookstagram 101 Part 2.

So if you want to know more (not all I am not that ambitious) about where to find props like swords, crowns and where to buy bookmarks and bookish candles. If you are wondering how to get your furry friend in the picture and looking at the camera. Or how to take a good picture technically speaking. Or even how to compose your bookstagram then click on the graphic below.

In the blogosphere this week I chose two posts!

Brittany explains what is NaNoWriMo! And I found it pretty useful as when I began blogging two years ago I was so lost when I saw all these posts and was wondering what all the fuss was about! https://perfectlytolerable.com/2018/11/14/what-is-nanowrimo/

I was overjoyed when I saw Kelly’s post because I was also thinking that diversity is becoming obssessive! Don’t misunderstand me if the main topic of the book is diversity, go for it! I have absolutely nothing against lesbian/gay/bi/black/asian/autists/….characters because I love them all and that’s the world we are living in! So of course they should be represented. But nowadays I feel like authors are “coerced” into bringin diversity to their books or they are attacked or criticized by readers because they don’t have diversity! The worst is when diversity is used like a prop to the story! If you have only white characters and heterosexual but your story makes sense and works perfectly, fine! If your story has mainly “black” characters and it works extremely well (think The Hate U Give) perfect too! Just don’t use diversity as an excuse!

But I swear Kelly explains this ten times better than I do: https://justanotherbookinthewall.wordpress.com/2018/11/16/lets-talk-about-how-representation-is-becoming-obsessive-in-ya/

Now it’s your turn! How was your week? Leave a comment below :-D

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am sorry to hear about your struggles with your daughter. I am not a parent, so I can’t give you any tips about that, maybe it’s just a phase she goes through? High school can be tough.

    I don’t think I got any 2019 ARC’s yet, but I am sure it’s only a matter of time before I get some. Sounds like both of your reads were great ones. Have a great week!

  2. Yeah, girls can go through that phase at some point. I know my oldest sister didn’t, but my middle older sister and younger sister both did. I think I might have been the worst of it. I am a nice person now and always was to everyone else. But sometimes to my mother… I think it’s a phase!

    1. Well Olivia as I know you from Instagram and the blog as a sweet person and you saying you were the worst …you gave me hope! Thank you <3

  3. I honestly have no clue how you could manage them kids when they’re in “that” mood, but I do love your insights on it all. Pretty sure it’ll come in handy in the future. :P I also really need to get around to watch Bohemian Rhapsody at least once! Or else the wait will be long (until it reaches Netflix). :o

  4. You have me intrigued with Girl Made of Stars. I have seen this one and need to capture it. I have a two teenage daughters one I want to put through a wall the other is very calm and laid back. I think maybe she did her pushing with me and my hubby and is so over it and the other is just beginning and she is way too much to take sometimes. There is no parenting book. One day they realize and grow up and have kids of their own that’s when it is payback. =)


  5. I don’t have kids, but I do remember what it was like when I was a teenager, and my mum was just hitting the change and going menopausal on us all … if you think you’ve got trouble, think how bad the fighting was in my house at this time? ;-) I left home at 17 … five years later, my mum and I were best friends. It’s always the hormones. Hang in there, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  6. Candlestagrams sound like a mouthful, haha. Try saying it ten times fast. o_o

    I have NO advice on teenagers since I’m not a mom, haha. My mom says she was a great kid even as a teen (not sure if that’s just a cultural difference or what…), but was (still is) a very tired person with me around (maybe a little less tiring). But just a few more years, though, and you’ll get through it, I’m sure! :D

  7. Gah…the teenage attitude! I don’t have any girls, just three boys but oh holy hell, sometimes they look like Linda Blair in the Exorcist with their heads spinning!!! You’re like, who is this kid?? LOL! I hope the rest of your vacation goes well Sophie!

  8. Sorry about the family issues. I don’t have kids. Probably because my sisters and I were such terrible teenagers. I don’t know how my parents survived the chaos we caused. They survived it, though. Us kids (mostly) calmed down when we grew up.

  9. I have two girls who are little and manageable right now, but I am bracing myself and prepared for the drama that will hit us when they become teenagers. If they’re anything like me when I was that age, it will be bad, lol! But I grew out of it, and I’m sure for your daughter and all teen girls, the difficult times will pass! I just hope I will be able to weather through it when it’s my turn :D

  10. My three are all boys, and I haven’t quite hit having a teenager in the house yet. I think (hope) it will be easier with boys unless you count them eating me out of house and home. :) I hope to see Bohemian Rhapsody. I’ve heard such amazing things!

    1. Well Jennifer boys are different! My son is stubborn but he says things …differently. Girls can be catty LOL

  11. ((HUGS)), mom. The good news is – she won’t be a teenager forever. I was sent an invite for the In Another Life tour, and now I think I might join, because you have me thinking the book is worth a look.

  12. Aww sorry your holiday is ending. Wouldn’t it be nice if they just DIDN”T end? Ha ha I wish right! And teenage girls- yup. Between the hormones and the culture, as others have said, it can be trying for sure!

    I still need to see Bohemian Rhapsody but I hear good things!

    Looks like some fun posts I missed! I’ll be checking those out- have a super week.

  13. No matter how much time we have … we’ll never be ready to go back to work xD

    Awh yep ! ladies looks calmer, but sometimes i’d gladly take a fight over some mean remarks lasting forever — really, you aren’t the one to blame, specially on teens. You did raised them good, sometimes… teens just gotta be teens and do bad stuff I guess xD though I gotta say I never hit the “bad teen years” growing up, I always stayed an angel child. heheh..

    I went to see bohemian rhapsody with Alex too !! Though im not the biggest fan of them, I did really enjoyed the movie!

  14. Oh, yes, teen girls are the worst! Even when I see them in books and movies, I am reminded of how tough they are…and I want to scream at the book pages and the screen. LOL

    Sometimes my daughter, who is now long past her teen years, shows me a glimmer of that time…and I want to scold her. But she’s an adult now!

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. As Laura and Samantha said, it’s all about the hormones. I remember being a giant pain in the you know what as a teen and when my daughter hit that age group she was the same. I swore to DH that she hated me, how else could she make my life a living hell? lol, oh the drama.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t always react to her anger in the best ways. Yelling back didn’t achieve anything but a lot of angst in our home. I look back now and wish I’d taken some deep breaths and a few steps back.
    Just be there for her, that’s the best advice I could give. Your support means the world- even if she doesn’t always show it <3

    1. Oh Jacquie thank you! And yesterday when I went to see if she was feeling all right after the ruckus she yelled at me to “go away!” but today she told her dad that “Mom was the only one concerned and checking on her”…go figure ! ;-)

  16. Teenage girls are TOUGH. I teach high school and most of the teachers in my building will take dealing with the boys over the girls because the girls are vicious! But, honestly, its not usually about parents missing something. Its about hormones, bad influences from the world around them, and more hormones. Girls at that age act in haste and that always leads to some unfortunate choices. Its bound to happen. As I tell all my students when they make a huge error in judgement, “You committed a bad action. You are NOT a bad person. Its now time to prove that.”
    Good luck!

  17. Oh boy, sorry about the issues. My son never seemed to go through the terrible teen thing but I remember the drama I caused. My parents must have been exhausted with four girls! I hope you get things sorted out.