OK this post will be mainly a visual one for a change but I wanted to show all the pretty books and goodies that I’ve got in my first Fairyloot box ever!


Show off? Totally!

But you have to understand it’s been months since I’m salivating when I see all the boxes my US friends are getting.


There are many different boxes: OwlCrate, Book Box Club, LitJoy Crate, Once Upon A Book Club, MyBookBox, Illumicrate, Shelflove crate, Enchanted Book Box and many, many more.

When I tried to subscribe to some of these boxes the shipping costs simply doubled the price! I’m not living in the US so it was simply unthinkable. But I found Fairyloot! Based in UK the shipping costs were totally affordable. Now I still thought it was a great cost for one book plus some goodies. Except that the October box had two books!!!

So the day of the release I was ready and immediately bought the box. I was lucky as it was sold out in 20 minutes!!!

I tried with a “one time” purchase first as I did not know if it would be worth it.


I loved the idea of being surprised.

I only knew the theme: Villainous but not what books I would get.


And now, now I’m overjoyed as they are two books everyone has raved about recently. Even better I wanted to buy Forest of a Thousand Lanterns.

So yes let me prance puff out my chest and be all coky today 😀 


As Fairyloot invites us to take pictures of the unboxing I had to try something unusual for me: a picture of lots of goodies and several books.

I’m more the minimalist as far as bookstagrams are concerned but here you go!




Have you ever got any book box? Was it worth it? Any other box you would recommend?


Thanks for reading!

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  1. That’s so cool Sophie…nice pix!!! I don’t subscribe to anything because I really have NO ROOM for any more books… I promised my hubby to stick to ebooks..!!