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Today’s topic is : God or Goddess BFF (Mythological character you want as a friend)


I wonder if a God or Goddess really would make a great best friend!

If I look at all the Gods and Goddesses I know (or a good bunch of them as I don’t know all Gods and Goddesses from all cultures in the world) I have difficulites to find a good candidate for a BFF.

Let’s list them and check:



Well maybe if you are the party girl or boy but he would be drunk all the time. Not great to have meaningful chat. Plus he seemed always leering at young undressed ladies so …NO;

Apollo? OK he would be great to look at but I bet as a womanizer he would be too obssessed courting and bedding girls to really have time for a friendly outing. And I don’t even speak of flying in his chariot every day to ensure the sun will rise. BORING. So …no!

Hades? Well I guess it would be a very exclusive friendship as I think he would be too intimidating for other friends to join. The parties would all have to happen “down under” and no shopping trip with him as he is stuck in his realm.

Persephone? I am not really into growing flowers and crops and all that jazz. It would also be a part time friendship as she has to go six months a year being all cozy with Hades.



Well she loves animals even if she hunts them and I love them too. A match made in Heaven? Not exactly as she is really serious on the “maiden till death” (and she never dies as she is immortal). No boys allowed then… No too strict.



Too beautiful! She would draw all the boys attention to her and I would always be in her shadow. I don’t mind a friend more attractive than I but a Goddess I would never stand a chance so …no.



OK he plays with his big hammer and based on the movie is great to look at but ….he has serious issues with his brother Loki. I predict really bad outcome and fights at every family gathering.

Loki? See Thor above plus he is hell bent on destroying the human world…

-Poseidon? I love swimming but again it could be a little bit tiring after some time

And don’t speak of Zeus or Odin or how you’d like to name him as he usually is unfaithful to his wife and can do very bad things when he is angry!


So today, sorry Dani but I can’t come up with a God or Goddess I’d like to be BFF with!

See you next week! And if in the meantime you found the perfect God to befriend, let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Bwahaha….too funny! Love this post! Though, just sayin’ if Thor truly looked like Chris Hemsworth…I’d probably be ok with Loki hanging around causing trouble!! LOL!

    1. Hahaha yes Thor is serious eye candy Trisy! But there was always family drama at my dad’s gathering so …nope!

    1. yes I’ve seen your choice and she would make a good sidekick. She literally is kicking butts LOL

  2. Lol this was such fun to read. I also didn’t think it would be a great idea to be friends with a god but I ended up choosing Inaana from the Wicked + Divine comic book series because he seems the nicest. But I don’t think the real Summerian goddess would have been great to be friends with though.

  3. OMG Sophie!! This was so, so funny! I thought for sure you would have several of your hot men to share with us, hahahha, boy was I wrong!! ❤️ I can’t fault a single bit of your logic and actually I think I’m still giggling over this post!! So creative and fun and hahahahaha…. Thanks so much for writing and sharing this with us!

    1. Well no hot men this week even if Thor is pretty hot to look at Dani ;-) And it was my pleasure! I am happy I made you laugh <3

  4. WOOW I totally did this challenge wrong lol. I thought of mythological creatures as fantasy ones like vampires and stuff. But I’m still proud I did this new challenge as I’m very character-based reader. Your reasons for not being friends with each god/goddess was hilarious!! What about Hercules? He’d be a good friend to have.

    1. Well yes Hercules! Demi-god so would it be allowed Danielle? Haha and the challenge is great! What’s important is doint it and having fun ;-)