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This Tuesday I am posting ahead for once as I want to fight back the bad juju that plagued me these last two weeks with migraines!

This week’s topic assigned by Shanah @bionicbookworm is Top 5 Summer Reads!

I know my US friends are beginning their summer break now. We in Europe have to wait one more month before enjoying the beach or the mountains or …

If you are a beach person you’ll want to pack a bag with sunscreen, water, some snacks and some good books to spend a lazy day enjoying the sun.


If you are more of a hiking and backpacking person I bet you’ll want to relax in the evening letting your body rest while your brain can’t wait to get immersed in your next favorite story!


My definition of summer read is a light read.

I don’t want heavy and complicated. I don’t want dark or gloomy. I don’t want something too convoluted.

But I don’t want something so sweet that your teeth will rot just reading it nor something without any depth either! I need a good plot, some angst, some emotions but nothing overwhelming or heart wrenching!

I want easy yet thoughtful, moving but upbeat and a HEA! This is THE most important ingredient for my perfect summer read!

Astonishingly I also associate summer read with contemporary…

Here is my top 10 of perfect summer reads!


The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson.

” Young adult at its best.

This story is cute without being overly sweet, funny but serious, light and thoughtful. It shows us sometimes the best laid plans can be derailed for the better. Take what life gives you and enjoy. Our best moments are the unexpected ones.

The characters are well developed, the friendships are heart-warming, this little gang of friends so loveable you’d like to be part of their team just to go on incredible scavenger hunts, meet at your favorite diner to gossip and jump in swimming pools on long summer nights.”




Red, vintage, neon motel sign on blue sky; Shutterstock ID 95002717

I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios

A little more moving and grave but so hopeful at the same time!

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote:

When Skylar realizes Josh lost his leg she does not feel repulsion or disgust. She only feels sadness. She also wants to help Josh.

From dancing in a salsa bar to learning to play chess with him they both will slowly gravitate toward each other. The road will be filled with bumps and hiccups.

Josh is dealing with PTSD and is fighting many demons. He cares too much for Skylar to have her deal with his problems. Skylar deserves better.

Their romance was, like Heather Demetrios said, “messy, complicated-all shades of grey.”

They are both broken in their own ways, dealing with overwhelming things and they become each other support. They tell it like it is, no sugarcoating with each other and that’s what helps them move on and connect with the reader.”


The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

This story simply is a little gem. Essentially character driven, the writing is light, charming, funny and just right.”







Lost & Found by Nicole William

The plot: a goth city chick, with lots of baggage meets THE dream cowboy (Jess is so yummy!) and has to prove herself working the summer on the ranch. It will change her life (for the best of course).
Jess’s family is also the dream family (lots of clichés in this book but it feels so good!).
Romance, attraction, fun and emotion. A good read.





MacKenzie Fire by Elle Casey

This one is downright hilarious!

You want a good laugh, a really, really “pee your pants because you laugh so hard” read? Go for it, buy it now!

Their banter is funny but what really had me in fits of laughter was all that happened to Candice. Talk about turn of events, that girl is a walking disaster or has bad karma but I could not stop shaking as I laughed so hard.




Naked Love by Jewel E Ann

And as we are talking about fun books…

If you are looking for a funny book low on angst that will have you giggling all along don’t look further!

This book was a total surprise. A gift from Jewel E Ann to her followers.

After having read a fantastic story on WWII and a heartbreaking but beautiful YA contemporary I was looking for something light and fun. This book was a godsend!

Avery and Jake banter and bickering was a delicious and fun long foreplay!



A Girl Like Lilac by Victoria L James (so romantic!)

I loved:

-the childhood sweetheart trope;

-the poetic and effortlessly flowing writing;

-the drama but not overtly high angst;

-the family stories and secrets this small town hid;

-the love story;

I melt like a puddle of goo for protective heroes. Toby is not an alpha in every day life but for Lilac he becomes a knight in shining armor.

His dedication, his love was admirable and deeply touching.

“Why do you care so much?” “A young girl told me once to hunt for magic. I guess I found it in her. Now I’d do anything to protect it.”


Wild for you by Daisy Prescott

I’m a city girl meaning suits don’t make me dream but hot cowboys Oh Yes!
Justin was really a fine specimen of handsome rugged man living riding horses and broncos. Strong, silent, hard-working, handsome and gentleman. He could be the “smokeless” Marlboro model.

“And I’ve been wrong about cowboys. Belt bling might be my new favorite thing. A beacon, a lighthouse showing me the way through the darkness of the post-break up blues. Bigger than is polite for regular society, but not as obnoxious as a pro wrestling championship belt, the rodeo buckle is perfect. I feel like Goldilocks when she stumbled upon the bears’ house. Not too big, not too small. Just right. Or maybe it’s the men behind the buckle. Broad shoulders. Narrow waist. Biceps that can only be described as bulging. Speaking of bulges, the beacon of the buckle definitely draws my eyes to the obvious selling point for a pair of Wranglers.”


Atticus by Sawyer Bennett

Told from dual POV, Atticus and Hazel’s POV, this story is moving, funny, insightful, sweet and many other things.

This is a feel good and insightful coming of age story.

One that will leave you all warm and fuzzy inside.

One that will make you want to adopt Atticus or at least follow him on IG.




And for those of you looking for a little thrill…. One Of Us is Lying by Karen Mcmanus

All along I was wondering: do I KNOW my kids? I mean really know them? Could I discover similar secrets or double lives? It was a somewhat unsettling but the right kind of unsettling. The one that gives you thrills because you love being a little bit frightened.

It was like Agatha Christies happening in high school with a Gossip Girl feel.


Pfew a long list that should have you covered for a big part of your holidays!

Now do tell me what reads would you recommend this summer?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I loved TKQ and can’t wait to read the new one by Helen! I also want to read One of Us is Lying. My daughter read it and she really liked it. I also want to read I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios! So much reading so little time!


  2. I hear you. I love that you look for light and funny reads that are good enough to hold your interest without be convoluted. These qualities lead me to cozy paranormal mysteries.

    Counting down the days to summer….

  3. I like light reads and happy endings for my summer reading. You have some wonderful books here. I hope you get some relief from the migraines and feel better.

  4. I hope you’ll feel better soon and with less migraines! I totally agree with a summer read being light and not dealing with complex topics and ending with a HEA (it’s definitely most important). I usually think books that are funny, fluffy and quick to read are perfect as well (though that probably falls under light). Bonus points for a wholesome and cute romance that will make my heart melt. I have not read any of the books you mentioned in your list yet, but I do recommend Fake It Till You Break It by Jenn P. Nguyen!

  5. My idea of a summer read is essentially my favorite kind of books – light, fluffy, upbeat, and fun. Matson definitely fits that description for me. The contemporary romances you included do as well. I am determined to read I’ll Meet You There this summer. I picked it, when I won a book of choice, and now I have no excuses.

  6. One Of Us Is Lying was sooo good. I liked her next one even more! And The Unexpected Everything just LOOKS like a summer read, doesn’t it? Also I love that neon sign type cover for Naked Love…

  7. I was surprised to see I’ll Meet You There on your list because, while it’s one of my favorite books, I don’t consider it a light read. But hopeful, yes. It is that. And The Kiss Quotient is a wonderful summer read. Such a feel good story!

    1. I hesitated for the very reasons you gave here to include I’ll Meet You There Tanya! But on the other end, the ending was so positive that I decided to do it LOL

  8. Well, if I need an extra dose of sugar, I need look no further than any one of your posts, Sophie. You always have a great selection for us to choose from, and these are no exception. The Kiss Quotient is definitely one everyone has liked.

  9. The Unexpected Everything is such a great choice! I haven’t read many of the other books on your list, but I’m definitely going to check some of them out.