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Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer .


In my private life

So the week has been pretty much identical as last week’s except for a big thing: my blog broke on Tuesday!

When I tried to reach my blog I got a “database ********* not found”. And nothing else. Nada!

As I had not changed a single thing (no plugin update nor anything) since the day before when everything was fine and dandy, I guessed it was not my fault and the problem should be with my host.

Only … there was no failure reported on the net or Twitter about problems with my host.

I sent them an incident record and waited. And waited. And waited some more. I am still waiting for their reply today by the way!

Honestly I was ready to stop blogging.

That’s how tired and fed up I was.

But my husband being the IT guy that he is, ran some checks, changed some coding and had my site back in a jiffy!

It seems that my host changed the name of my database without warning and of course, when the browser tried to log into the database with the old name, it reached a blank!

Honestly, even if I had followed all the “WordPress 101” in details (something that I promised my husband I will do) I still would have never dared altering the coding like he did!

So yes, I now have to sew a red cape for him and paint a super hero sign on it. But I put my foot down at red briefs!

I don’t think it would fit him 😀 

That being said, the only news this week is that a plan has been put in place by our government to stop the lockdown progressively. I am a little bit apprehensive at going out on a train, in a lift and in a building with lots of people. So we’ll see how this all works but I have an inkling that we’ll be among that lasts to be free as we are able to homework easily.


On the blog (click on the graphic to read the post)

This week I’ve published three reviews and one of them is for a book that I know will live for a long time in my heart: Where the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon! It’s been a five stars and Amy took risks here, being much more graphic than her usual self. But honestly, it’s brilliant, beautiful and inspiring! 5 stars.

Going from the wild West to an exotic island with a dark, twisted and erotic read here: Third a Kiss by Pepper Winters. 4,25 stars.

An I am now at my thirteenth audiobook this year with Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys. I have now listened to all her published books and don’t know what to read next! It was a 4 stars.

Next week, I’ll have already four reviews planned! I just need to write two of them LOL


You know that I usually go for the Top 5 Tuesday but this Top Ten Tuesday was too good to ignore! I had a blast choosing book titles that would make for great band names!!

And I wanted to write something else than reviews that’s why I wrote a small (hopefully fun) discussion post about why bookworms never stop buying books!

On the blogosphere and in the literary world

Riveted has a quiz to decide which character in Chain of Gold you’d be! Click on the graphic to take the test.


And Kat explains how to write SEO friendly posts! Really useful!


That’s it for this week! Tell me how was your week? I am going to write these reviews and catch up with you all! Have a great Sunday!

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Thank goodness for your husband!!!! I do the same thing with my brother, since he is in IT. I call him begging Travis please help me lol! Usually I bake him a chocolate cake after he spends hours trying to help me with whatever it is that I need fixed ha!

  2. I love the idea of bands named after books. Honestly, I may be willing to give a band a listen if they were named after a book I already loved 🙂 So fun! Stay safe.

  3. Whew…so glad your hubby can do tech stuff like that!! Our city is going to try reopening on Friday but I personally feel it’s too soon so me and my kiddos will continue to hang at home for a bit longer! Stay safe my friend!

  4. Thats awesome that your husband was able to fix it for you!!! And good luck with coming out of lockdown! The States are all on different pages, but talk has started, but luckily my work has decided even if the state opens we should stay home for a bit more.

  5. Hooray for handy husbands who can save the day! 🙂 Better get that cape made and keep him around. LOL

  6. Aww, yay!
    It sounds not only super annoying that they did that change, but then ignored you as well. 🙁
    I haven’t really been blogging lately but i always seem to have an issue when i’m on mobile device and they demand password then tell me my account is blocked until i change my password. Now i know not to bother contacting them 😀

  7. Glad your husband got your blog up and running again! I bet that was a ‘stomach dropping to the floor moment.’ I probably would have cried!

    Good luck on the ease up of the lockdown! I think we’ve got a way to go yet as the UK cases haven’t eased up significantly.

  8. AWW!!! That is awesome you have such a wonderful husband who saves the day when needed. So happy you got it figured out though. Sometimes being self hosted can be such a pain lol but its worth it

  9. Great superhero hubby! I don’t have anyone like that. My eldest son, who lives in Prague, was my go-to tech person, but lately we haven’t been connecting for that kind of stuff.

    Enjoy your books and your week, and stay safe as you slowly come out of isolation.

    Here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  10. Yay for your hubby’s tech skills, Sophie! I’d still be sitting here waiting for WordPress if it had happened to me. Glad you’re back up and running.

  11. Oh no that’s not good about your webhost or their lack of response, but glad your husband was able to save the day ! Yay haha!! And good luck with the lockdown lifting. Hoping the measured lifting of restrictions goes well. We’re so hit or miss over here!!!

  12. Yay for having a hero! I have to stumble around my self or contact my hosting. I think we won’t be going out even when the govt opens things up. We can just stay home and my daughter’s class for the summer is online. I’m really quite happy to be home, even if it is weird.

    Stay safe and be well!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  13. Hooray for the husband! Glad it’s all sorted now

    I’m really apprehensive about the end of our lockdown when it happens. I’m actually scared about a 2nd wave. Saying that my son has to shield for 12 weeks and that isnt up until mid June so I cant really go anywhere as I cant leave him on his own!

  14. What a scare to have your blog stop working like that, that would totally freak me out. That’s a weird problem you had, why would they ever change your database name like that? That’s essential to have your site show up. Yay for your husband being able to fix it.

    I hope the plan to progressively stop the lockdown works, but it almost sounds too early to me as it seems that once we stop the virus will just get worse. Guess we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully you can stay working from home a bit longer. Stay safe!

  15. He’s definitely a keeper! How marvellous to have someone with such skills living alongside… But shame on your host – especially as they haven’t yet bothered to respond. Glad to see you still here and I hope the coming week is a lot less fraught. Stay safe:)

  16. I think many governments are floating this idea of loosening restrictions, Sophie. Ours is saying the same thing, and keeps saying it’s looking into how they will implement it. But like you, I hope they stay the course and don’t take any drastic action. I prefer to wait a little longer, and am willing to go another 45 days or more, if need be. But yes, I understand, there are many who want otherwise. Well, god luck with that.

    Oh, and what a great husband, he saved the day and got you back up and running! Yippie!!!

  17. It’s great to have someone with your husband’s skills around, but how rude that they up and changed the name of your database without notice. Who does that? Are masks required, when you are out of and about? They are in my state, because we have the second highest infection/death rate in the US. Who knows, when they will ease restrictions here.

  18. Thats awesome that your husband could fix it! I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking! I’m just able to do the super basic stuff. I can’t imagine having to take mass transit anytime soon. I would be nervous for sure. Hopefully you won’t have to do that anytime too soon.

  19. Wahoo for IT Husbands!! They really save the day. Ugh.. on the slow or no response from your hosting company. My blog got too big, and I moved to Managed WordPress a few years ago. Where a mask and try to social distance. Thankfully, my families employers are continuing to work from home.

  20. YAY for having a husband who can help when your blog disappeared, Sophie! I’m so glad he could help you 🙂
    Daycares, and some non-essential shops open here tomorrow. Then, on May 11th, primary schools and middle schools, and on June 8th high schools. If all goes as planned, that is 🙂
    Have a wonderful week ahead! Stay safe and healthy 🙂