Hi dear friends,

Today is something different as I don’t usually read poetry. Or at least I haven’t for a loooooong time. The last one was “Les Fleurs du Mal” from Charles Baudelaire and I was at school.


My friend Khadidja contacted me some days ago asking if I would be interested in reading her poetry book.

It’s her first book and kudos to her because writing POETRY in another language is a high feat!

I agreed as I love trying new things from time to time.

I began today and I got all her feelings in the face!

Feelings many have experienced or could experience.

Lurking Shadow by Khadidja Megaache

It’s free on KU -> https://amzn.to/2ENMBDF


Here are one teaser and one poem for your eyes only.



To fool, to love, to blend in,
To not cry or break, to hide the demon within,
To avoid questions, stares and pity.
To be called nice, beautiful and pretty.
Smile and obey, be kind and humble.
Even when all is left is rubble.
Smile for the roses, leaves and trees.
Smile for no reasons
Smile to the night, day, for all seasons.
Smile because you don’t look ugly when you do.
Smile because pretty girls are supposed to.
I smiled when I was burning inside,
I smiled when I wanted to cry,
I smiled when I was in pain,
I smiled and smiled and smiled.
But truth is; I never really did.


Do you read poetry?

Thanks for reading and happy Sunday!


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    1. It is a unique experience Abigail. And we don’t read a poetry book like a romance. Some poems at a time so it’s a nive change 😉