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One more post about Amy Harmon in this daily challenge!

Today is about my favorite male character.

It’s a tough one as Angelo in From Sand and Ash is admirable, Noah from The Smallest Part is so generous and …

but there is one character who truly stole my heart years ago. He was even not “THE” main character of the story but an important side character and yet he is my favorite.

Let me introduce you to Bailey from Making Faces (and yes I know that Amy Fox from Foxy Blog has already chosen Bailey last week but I’m certain he would not mind sharing 😀 )

Bailey is Fern’s cousin and he is disabled. He suffers from Dushenne muscular dystrophy and his muscles weaken every day. He knows from a tender age he’ll die early.

Bailey may be disabled but he was a special person because of his love and courage, quote:”because life has sculpted him in something amazing”. As Ambrose said “Bailey thaught those he loved to love, put things in perspective, to live for the present, to say I love you often and mean it”. And this is a big lesson, so true but often forgotten except when ordeals knock at our door.

Bailey …is my Super Hero! He is so alive, self mocking, determined to fight and beat the odds. Never self centered, never complaining despite his sickness. He is a force to be reckoned with.


I truly fell for him years ago and when I asked my daughter, another of Amy’s fans who her favorite male character was she answered: “Bailey”!

Do you see know why I love him so much?

Who is your favorite male character?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Bailey sounds like a angel. Amy Harmon’s books sound emotional and real. Something to remind us we’re human. Thanks Sophie.

  2. I haven’t read this yet but I’ve heard great things about it. All the books of Amy’s are pretty emotional and this one sounds totally heart wrenching. Bailey really sounds like an amazing guy.