Hello dear friends,

This Friday I am in the mood to play so expect two memes today!

The first one is Friday Favs. It’s not really a meme rather a weekly post that Trisy @bobosbookbank loves posting every Friday. She speaks about her favorite books around a set topic (this week it’s single dads) and she add some fun to it thanks to her own soundtrack.


I won’t speak about being a dad but I found two excerpts in my read of the week with fitting soundtracks!


The book is Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas and I read these two scenes in slow motion like I would watch a movie .

First scene: Cam who is Jordan’s sister enters a bar with her very sexy co-workers (they all strip in another bar).

“Both groups leave, deciding to find their fun elsewhere, but before the front door has a chance to close, my sister saunters through, a couple of her co-workers tailing behind her. Every eye in the room turns their way, taking in the hot women in their tiny tops and high heels. Sammy Hagar’s The Girl Gets Around plays on the juke box, and Cam heads for the bar, holding onto the edge and doing a little dance while lip syncing to me.”




Second scene: mudding!

“I tumble left and then right as the truck navigates all the muddy dips and puddles. He’s let me have complete reign of the stereo and Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days plays from the tape I put in. I turn up the volume and grip the dash for support. “It still is,” I inform him. “In my day, though, it’s becoming harder and harder for guys you date to keep a valid drivers’ license.” He chuckles. “I believe that.” Rain and mud kick up around us, and I can see splatters of both hitting the sleeve of my raincoat nearest the door and my bare thigh. Pike insisted we roll down the windows, not caring in the least that his interior might get dirty. He said it would heighten the experience.”

Now if you have some good scenes with a great soundtrack, be my guest!

And do pay Trisy a visit please she has spot on favs 😉

Trisy I told you I would play this week!

Happy Friday!


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